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El Mundo (Puerto Rico)

El Mundo was a newspaper founded in San Juan in 1920. It was a Puerto Rican newspaper created by Spaniard business men.

El Mundo was founded in 1920 by Romualdo Real, a spaniard. In 1923 El Mundo Inc, constructed a administrative building in Old San Juan in calle San José #54 Viejo San Juan. The building was designed by architect Francisco Roldan. Today the building is a historical site owned by the Puerto Rican government.

In 1929, a puertorican former corrector-turned-administrator Angel Ramos and journalist José Coll Vidal, bought the newspaper when Real retired.

In 1944, Ramos purchased the newspaper's holding company thus and so became the sole owner and publisher, by 1946 Ramos was the sole owner of the newspaper. Ramos on a business trip to New York City met his future wife, an Italian girl by the name of Argentina Schifano. After they were married, the couple continued to live in Puerto Rico where Ramos's company was based.

Ramos went on to found WEMB-Radio El Mundo and within a period of two years he also purchased another radio station, WKAQ, thus establishing "Radio El Mundo" as the number 1 radio station in Puerto Rico which controlled 80% of the total air time."El Mundo" acquired WKAQ (AM) the oldest surviving radio station on the island and later (1954) added channel 2 WKAQ-TV "Telemundo", the oldest station of today's US Network, Telemundo. There is a WKAQ-FM, but it is unknown if the current one (at 104.7) was part of the operation in the Ramos days. The Radio Station was owned by "El Mundo Broadcasting", and the television station was owned by Telemundo Inc.. The Telemundo name was later used (by a US group of stations) for the namesake Telemundo network ( 1987) including the original station Telemundo Puerto Rico WKAQ TV Channel 2 (now owned by NBC-Universal). Telemundo Puerto Rico had some programs running in New York and Chicago during the 1960s.Due to the political crisis in Latin America and Spain many Cubans, Argentineans, Uruguayans, Spaniards, Venezuelans, Dominicans and Mexican celebrities, among others, moved to Puerto Rico and worked with Telemundo and El Mundo. Many of them participated of Telemundo's activities and shows in Puerto Rican communities in the US creating the framework for the development of Telemundo USA Network. Telemundo had some agreements with Televisa from Mexico and RCTV of Venezuela.

In 1954, Ramos founded the first Puerto Rican television station, WKAQ-TV that was transmitted through Channel 2 and which he named "Telemundo". On August 22, 1955, Telemundo became a soap opera pioneer of Puerto Rico when it transmitted the first locally produced "telenovela" (soap opera), titled "Ante la Ley", which included the participation of the renowned Puerto Rican actress, Lucy Boscana. Argentina Ramos ( later Hills) was active in her husband's newspaper, radio and television companies. They later set up a network in the former British colony of Guyana, though it was not particularly successful it was an indication of his ambition being carried over into those who followed in his footsteps. Sadly, they failed in their attempt because Spanish was not a common language in that country, but the idea was the based to what we know today as Telemundo Network USA

Angel Ramos died in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1960. His wife Argentina became the head of El Mundo Enterprises. She established the Angel Ramos Foundation, which is now the largest private philanthropic foundation in Puerto Rico. In 1963, Argentina remarried famous publisher Lee Hills and moved to Miami, Florida. Lee Hills (1906-2000) was an editor and publisher of the Miami Herald and the Detroit Free Press. He was the first president of the Knight Ridder news service after he helped arrange the merger of Knight Newspapers and Ridder Publications.

On April 14, 1983, Telemundo was sold to John Blair and Co. and on October 1987 it passed to the hands of Reliance, Inc; finally, in 2001, Telemundo became part of NBC Universal and Telemundo is now the second largest Spanish speaking television network in the United States and, through its international channel, is also seen in most of Latin-America.


El Mundo newspaper in Puerto Rico closed after an extremely contentious mid seventies labor strike. Printing plates were shipped out from the El Mundo building by helicopter. A chopper was destroyed by a pipe bomb and people in the air and on the ground were killed. El Vocero, another famous Puerto Rican newspaper, managed for a period a new version of "El Mundo" but finally it disappeared. Some former journalists and administrator from the original "El Mundo" created a new Newspaper called "El Reportero" but it also had a short life. El Mundo Newspaper had some agreement with the New York Times.

In 2003, HBC acquired the stock of El Mundo Broadcasting Corporation ("El Mundo") from Fundacion Angel Ramos, Inc. ("Foundation") for $32 million in cash. El Mundo owned and operated four radio stations: WKAQ(FM) 104.7 MHz, WKAQ(AM) 580 kHz, WUKQ(FM) 99.1 MHz, and WUKQ(AM) 1420 kHz. The stations were programmed as one FM station format, known as KQ-105, and as one AM station format, known as Radio Reloj.

Commenting on the acquisition, at the time, Argentina S. Hills, Chairman of the Board of Fundacion Angel Ramos, Inc., said, "We wholeheartedly welcome HBC to Puerto Rico. With a proven track record as the largest and most renowned Spanish-language radio broadcaster in the United States, I am confident that they will continue to maintain the high standards that El Mundo Broadcasting has demonstrated for decades." McHenry Tichenor, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of HBC, commented, "Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation is proud to become the new owner of these fine radio stations. We are very aware of the importance of these stations in the hearts of Puerto Ricans and we pledge to continue the excellence in programming and community service that have made Radio Reloj and KQ-105 such revered institutions. We are pleased to welcome Huberto Biaggi and his talented staff to the HBC Family."

HBC later transfered the stations to Univision Network and they became Univision Radio Puerto Rico. Univision Radio Puerto Rico and Telemundo Puerto Rico share some buildings in San Juan.