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tarjetas sin expiracion Form I 551

Questions and Answers Renewing Permanent Resident Cards Without an Expiration Date Background U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services published a proposed rule in the Federal Register today that will require approximately 750,000 lawful permanent residents carrying ‘green cards’ without expiration dates to apply for a new Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551).


The proposal allows for a 120-day filing period for applications. The change allows USCIS to issue more ---- permanent resident cards, update cardholder information, conduct background checks, and electronically store applicants’ fingerprint and photographic information.


Q: Why is this proposed replacement of Forms I-551 without an expiration date necessary? A: Permanent Resident Cards (Forms I-551) are issued to permanent residents to serve as evidence of immigration status, registration, identity, and employment authorization; they also serve as entry documents upon return from trips outside of the United States. A card that is too old, with out-of-date photographs, cannot effectively serve these purposes. This proposed rule is an important initiative. Once final, it would enable USCIS to update cardholder information, conduct background checks, and electronically store applicants’ biometric information. It is important to remember that the cards impacted by this initiative are now between 17 and 30 years old. The new card will be a modern version with greater security, be more tamper-resistant, and will have an expiration date requiring that the card be periodically renewed.

Q: Why announce this proposed replacement of Forms I-551 without an expiration date now? A: Replacement of the outstanding permanent resident cards without expiration dates is critical to the national security mission of USCIS. Replacement of the cards will ensure that cardholders’ fingerprints and photographs are updated so as to provide better evidence of the identity of the cardholders, more modern and ---- cards are placed into circulation, and the replacement cards will be more tamper-resistant. In the past, USCIS has recalled and replaced earlier versions of the Permanent Resident Card that did not contain an expiration date. It is critical that USCIS begin to remove from circulation this final version of the Permanent Resident Card containing no expiration date. Since the replacement program is only proposed, affected individuals are not yet required to replace their cards. However, they nevertheless may choose to apply now to replace their cards. Early applications may be processed in shorter times than those filed later, given the number of permanent residents affected.

Q: How would I apply under the proposed rule? A: The rule proposes to require permanent residents with Permanent Resident Cards without expiration dates and who have not already applied for new cards with an expiration date to apply during a 120-day filing period that would be established by a final rulemaking by filing Form I-90, along with the filing and biometric fees. Currently, the total cost is $370 (a filing fee of $290 for the I-90 and an $80 biometric fee for photographs and fingerprints).