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Re: los topics de sirjohn siguen siendo los mas hot hot hot




    It is an understatement to say that President Obama now owns the bad economy. He and his minions are actually creating and perpetuating it, policy by policy, decision by decision.

    At an Aug. 4 press briefing, White House spokesman Jay Carney said: “The White House does not create jobs.” That may be strictly true, but the guy who lives there can cause jobs to be lost and make the recovery more difficult — at which President Obama has excelled.

   There is a fundamental principle that seems to have eluded the president and his men: A recovering economy that creates jobs needs to encourage innovation and the creation of wealth.  But often, Obama’s policies and decisions have done the opposite. A few examples:

• The president’s (and congressional Democrats’) insistence on higher taxes is a job killer: Higher taxes make businesses unwilling to expand and consumers unwilling to spend. Many in the middle class already feel that taxes are extortionate.

• The president’s arbitrary and on-again, off-again moratorium on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico induced many of the rigs (most of which were leased) to leave, causing a loss of both jobs and domestically produced oil.

• Along with profligate spending, excessive, unwise regulation has been the bete noire of the administration. Primarily because they have been populated with political hacks and yes-men, the EPA and FDA have been the worst among many offenders.

     Heritage Foundation fellow Andrew Grossman has observed that the EPA forces businesses to “waste tens or hundreds of billions of dollars per year on environmental upgrades of dubious value (so) that money isn’t available to invest in business expansions or create jobs. Higher costs also cut down on business investment — a factory that makes economic sense at a cost of $10 million may not when EPA regulations have jacked the cost up to $30 million.”

     Economic considerations are killing FDA-regulated industries as well. The developers of medical devices — which include some of the miracles of modern medicine: pacemakers, artificial joints, cardiac stents, scanners and radiotherapy machines — are being driven abroad.

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Re: los topics de sirjohn siguen siendo los mas hot hot hot


For decades many devices have been approved via a fast-track pathway called 510(k), designed for products that are similar to earlier products, known as predicate devices.

     Although the link between the new product and the predicate device can sometimes be tenuous, about 3,500 devices are approved annually via this mechanism, with very few problems.

    The FDA has made it clear that qualifying for the 510(k) pathway will soon become more difficult and that more data will need to be obtained and submitted to regulators for the standard pathway.

     These new requirements threaten innovation across the industry, especially at a time when financing is hard to obtain.

Unlike the drug sector, many device makers are small and financially fragile.

    Medical device companies are voting with their feet. They have begun to move R&D and manufacturing abroad and even to write off the U.S. market for certain products that are so overregulated that financing for their testing is unobtainable.

    Companies prefer to create jobs in Europe or Asia “for fear of getting lost in an FDA quagmire, a money pit that has driven many small companies to bankruptcy,” according to Kenneth Abramowitz, a managing general partner at NGN Capital.

     Reflecting that trend, an analysis by the consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers indicates that the U.S.’ lead in medical device development (a $120 billion industry) is eroding.

In 2010, total venture capital investing across all sectors increased 19%, while investment in medical devices fell 9%.

   The pharmaceutical industry is also beleaguered. Approvals are down, development costs are up, and regulators are so risk averse that financing drug development is difficult.

    Dr. John Freund, who runs a venture capital firm specializing in biopharmaceutical drug and medical device companies, lamented that “the industry is increasingly turning away from developing drugs to treat diseases that millions of Americans have, such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease — at a modest cost per patient — because it has become nearly impossible to get them approved in the U.S. The FDA recently tightened the requirements to get new antibiotics approved, and the result will be that fewer drugs to treat deadly resistant bacteria will be developed in the future.”

    The president and his minions are going to learn some lessons the hard way.

    First, that policies have consequences. In his study of the 1,000 years of the world’s economic growth, the late British economist Angus Maddison observed that the “golden age” for worldwide growth was from 1950 to 1973, with per-capita GDP increasing 3% per year.

    In 1973 growth slowed in Western Europe and Japan: “Some slowdown in these countries was warranted, but policy failings made it bigger than it need have been.”

     Second, that as my mother used to say, actions speak louder than words. Merely saying that you’re not hostile to business doesn’t make it so.

    And although redistribution of income might satisfy liberals’ desire for “social justice,” it doesn’t stimulate the economy or create private-sector jobs.

Miller, a physician, is the Robert Wesson Fellow in Scientific Philosophy and Public Policy at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

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Re: los topics de sirjohn siguen siendo los mas hot hot hot


Rick Perry: the Paint Creek boy who would be king

    It is a pocket of rural America that has changed little in a century and is about as far removed from the bustle and marble monuments of Washington DC as one could imagine.

Rick Perry

Rick Perry speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington in February



By Toby Harnden, Paint Creek, Texas
10 Aug 2011

    But Paint Creek, where ranches and wooden homes, some now abandoned, are dotted beside cotton and wheat fields, is the place that defines the man who some Republicans believe could unseat President Barack Obama next November.

Governor Rick Perry was part of the fifth generation to work the land at Paint Creek, some 200 miles west of Dallas on the flat expanse of plains known as “the Big Empty”.

It was here that he was imbued with the country values of church, family, neighbourliness, thrift and hard work that now seem part of a bygone America beyond places like West Texas.

    “There were three things to do in Paint Creek: school, church, and Boy Scouts,” Mr Perry said last year, looking back on the late 1950s. “That’s it. And it was plenty.” Paint Creek was “one of the most beautiful places or it could be one of the most desolate” depending on the weather. As a child, he ventured, it was the home of “some of the most principled, disciplined people in the world, and faithful”.

   Back in the late 1950s, he was known as Ricky Perry, a mischievous boy, always smiling, who lived with his parents and older sister Milla in a rented wooden house that lacked indoor plumbing. He wore a cowboy shirt hand sewn by his mother, a locally renowned quilter, and his highest ambition seemed to be to become an Eagle Scout.

    Now 61 and governor of Texas since 2000, Mr Perry is the longest-serving chief executive of the state in its history and a man who has held elected office for almost 27 years. This weekend, he is expected to announce a bid for the American presidency, an office that until recently he had steadfastly maintained held no attraction for him.


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Thus far, Mr Perry’s life has been characterised by uncanny good fortune and an ability to seize an opportunity and capitalise on it.

   He left the Democratic Party in 1989 to run as a Republican against a prominent liberal who was the strong favourite to keep his post as Texas Agriculture Commissioner.

   In 2000, he was a little-known lieutenant governor who was automatically elevated to the state’s top post when George W. Bush won the presidency.

   For 2012, he finds himself almost ideally positioned as the photo negative opposite of Mr Obama, a cerebral liberal with an exotic upbringing in Hawaii and Indonesia who had no executive experience before the White House and had spent his adult life in academia and Democratic-controlled cities.

   Many believe that changes within the Republican party could also play to his advantage.

   Mr Perry was one of the earliest major politicians to embrace the anti-tax, small-government Tea Party movement.

   His suspicion, bordering on hostility, of the federal government is in line with the more conservative, populist tilt the party has taken.

   A proud Christian who recently held a national prayer event to call for “God’s help” in rescuing Americans “adrift in a sea of moral relativism”, he is unafraid to mix matters of church and he is likely to win over many evangelicals.

   And while his slashing of the health and education budgets in Texas as part of a radical austerity programme might alarm swing voters, they fit the mood of Republicans rising up in protest over debt and deficits.

   Yet as a big state, established governor many establishment figures and large donors will be comfortable with him.

Another possible advantage is the opponents he needs to beat to capture the Republican nomination.

   Mitt Romney, the current front-runner, has switched from being a moderate on key issues like abortion and is regarded with suspicion by the Tea Party and right wing talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh.

   Michelle Bachmann, a congresswoman for just four years and who has surged in polls, is seen by many senior Republicans as erratic and untested.

   In contrast, Mr Perry, who has championed Israel and called for a muscular foreign policy, has the ability to appeal to all five elements of the party – fiscal, social and national security conservatives plus the Tea Party and the Establishment – without alienating any.

   That fiscal element should resonate most – his state is experiencing phenomenal growth and job creation at a time when the national economy is slumping amid fears of a double-dip recession.

   Texas is much more conservative than most of the US and memories of Mr Bush, the last Texas governor and wearer of cowboy boots to seek the Oval Office, could be a problem.

    Mr Perry has publicly mused about the possibility of Texas seceding from the Union and has sanctioned a record 232 executions as governor.

   The cotton fields at Paint Creek are empty this year because of the fearsome drought. But amid the dust and searing heat, beneath a vast blue sky, the farmland of Mr Perry’s youth is still being worked. Life here is as hard as ever.

   At the school, from which Mr Perry graduated third in a class of 13 in 1968, Don Ballard, the school superintendent, reflected on the place that had made Mr Perry what he is.

  “We had farm values,” he said “We got up, we worked and we knew what the dollar meant. There was no squandering money here there and yonder. Everybody struggled.

    “You’d have a good crop one year and maybe a bad crop the next. Rick Perry understands being up and being down and that if you’re down you’ve got to work to get back up. Most of the families round here want their kids to be better and have more than what they had growing up.” Mr Perry is descended from Confederate veterans of the Civil War on both sides. In an old interview, his grandfather Hoyt Perry, who died in 1992, recalled how his father arrived at Paint Creek in 1887.

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J.R. “Ray” Perry and his wife Amelia, now in their mid-80s, still reside there.

Outside the house, beside a dusty farm road, the elder Mr Perry, who was out fixing his irrigation system, describes how he took a bus from Paint Creek after graduating from the school in 1943 and joined the US Air Force.

   He was subsequently stationed at RAF Horham in Suffolk, from which he flew missions over Germany in B-17 bombers.

    “Rick took us back there four or five years ago and we went to the old base. Of course there was nothing there, just a little strip of runway that they didn’t destroy. The rest they turned back into fields.

   “I flew 35 missions as a tail gunner and never got a scratch. We had one gunner killed and one wounded. They got damn close to me but they missed me.” His son followed him into the Air Force in 1972 and became a transport pilot, flying C-130s in Europe and the Middle East.

    Bob Earles went to Paint Creek School with Mr Perry and was a fellow Boy Scout. They both went to Valley Pennsylvania for the Boys Scouts of America Jamboree of 1964 and visited Washington, where they were given a tour of the Capitol.

   “It was different world,” he says. “Back here we’d water ski on the lake in summer and camp out. If we did something wrong and got in trouble, the scoutmaster would call a board of education â “ a wooden paddle. It was a real Christian place. Baptist or Methodist, everyone was one or the other.” In the summer of 1966, Bob Earles introduced Ricky Perry to a girl called Anita Thigpen, who lived in the town of Haskell about 10 miles away and was staying at a lake cabin. “I saw a lot less of him after that,” Mr Earles joked. After a 16-year courtship, the two married and today Anita Perry is First Lady of Texas.

    Phil Coleman, one of Mr Perry’s class of 13 and another scout, climbed up a small canvas tower next to his tent to come face to face with a dead bull snake that had been placed there by his friend. “It scared the pants off me,” he says, laughing. “I jumped right off that tower. I guess he thought it was funny. I didn’t at the time.” After the Air Force, Mr Perry returned home to become a rancher, going into business with his father, a Democrat who served as an elected County Commissioner. In 1984, after considering becoming a commercial pilot, he decided to enter politics and run for state representative.

   “Once we had to land in a pasture due to fog,” he recalls. “A rancher came by in his pickup. We were both wearing coats and ties. Rick says ‘Howdy’ and reaches into his jacket for a leaflet. I hear this lever action of a rifle – a very distinctive sound.

   “This guy thinks we were drug dealers. Rick is looking down a rifle but he keeps talking.” By the time the conversation had finished, the rancher had written a cheque for the Perry campaign.

    “I decided right then,” says Mr Comedy, “that anyone who can go in a matter of minutes from the first impression of being a drug dealer to getting a campaign contribution would go far.” It was the first of nine Texas elections that Mr Perry would win.

   Mr Coleman’s wife Phyllis, who also went to Paint Creek School and was a neighbour of the Perrys, says Rick Perry has not changed from the boy who would be sent over to get firewood or iced tea for his father and would play Cowboys and Indians (the girls were the Indians).

   “He came to speak at Homecoming over at the school last year. He was the same boy. You don’t change country people. When he speaks, he gets the point across plain and simple.”

  Mr Perry’s friends believe he never intended to run for president but now feels he has to move beyond his beloved Texas because his country is in peril. The coming months will tell whether the boy from Paint Creek could be hailed by voters as a potential national saviour.


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Truth and public safety be damned,rioters are first and foremost Democrat voters!

By Coach Collins,on August 12th,2011

By Doug Book, staff writer

   On August 4th, around closing time at the Wisconsin State Fair, “…dozens of black youths attacked white people as they left the fair, punching and kicking people and shaking and pounding on vehicles.”

    “…These black kids were running in between all the cars…pounding on my doors…and they didn’t do one thing to this black couple that was in this car next to us,” recalled an Iraq veteran who said the attacks “…reminded him of war.”

“They were looking in everybody’s windshield…seeing who was white and who was black.”

    But on Friday, though fair attendance suffered a bit, there were no fights, no beatings and no race riot. For that, credit Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Milwaukee police chief Ed Flynn, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and fair CEO Rick Frenette.

    Walker sent State Police to patrol and ssecure the Fair, Flynn and Barrett increased police presence at all weekend events citywide and for the first time in a 40 year career, fair CEO Frenette required any fair goer under 18 be accompanied by an adult.

In addition, some Milwaukee officials were not afraid to alert the public by describing events for what they were.

    In an official statement, Milwaukee Aldermen Bob Donovan and Joe Dudzik said the riot had been “…spawned by a culture of violence that has been brewing in Milwaukee for some time,” and which “…has much to do with a deteriorating African American culture in our city.”

    In speaking of single parent homes which provide no supervision and demand no responsibility, failed schools and perpetually high unemployment and teen pregnancy rates, Donovan and Dudzik broke every rule of political correctness, stating facts which liberal Democrats dutifully ignore for fear of alienating a Jesse Jackson or losing the support of Black voters.

    Contrast the response to events in Wisconsin with what took place on Memorial Day in Chicago when North Avenue Beach was suddenly shut down by city officials.

The reason for the closing, as announced by far Left Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy and later confirmed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel–an unusually high incidence of heat exhaustion.

    And with the assistance of the Chicago Sun Times and ABC News, Emanuel and McCarthy STUCK to that story in the face of hundreds of reports of criminal acts committed by 1000 or more Black gang bangers who attacked beach goers and destroyed property.

   In Chicago it was left to bloggers to report that, with a temperature of just 88 degrees, only 4 people had been taken to hospital for heat exhaustion, that not one of Chicago’s other beaches had been closed and that countless eyewitness reports of gang violence had been ignored by the city’s politicians and ever-compliant media.

    “When a group of people routinely break the law, the public has a right to know who the guilty parties are,” writes blogger Jim Goad.

    Wisconsin’s elected officials understand that their first responsibility is the safety of the public.

    Chicago’s ruling Left will sacrifice public safety by withholding critical information,recognizing only the importance of not offending those whose votes are needed for re-election.

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...Appeals court rules against Obama healthcare law
By Jeremy Pelofsky and James Vicini | Reuters –


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An appeals court ruled Friday that President Barack Obama’s healthcare law requiring Americans to buy healthcare insurance or face a penalty was unconstitutional, a blow to the White House.

    The Appeals Court for the 11th Circuit, based in Atlanta, found that Congress exceeded its authority by requiring Americans to buy coverage, but also ruled that the rest of the wide-ranging law could remain in effect.

    The legality of the so-called individual mandate, a cornerstone of the 2010 healthcare law, is widely expected to be decided by the Supreme Court. The Obama administration has defended the provision as constitutional.

   The case stems from a challenge by 26 U.S. states which had argued the individual mandate, set to go into effect in 2014, was unconstitutional because Congress could not force Americans to buy health insurance or face the prospect of a penalty.

    “This economic mandate represents a wholly novel and potentially unbounded assertion of congressional authority: the ability to compel Americans to purchase an expensive health insurance product they have elected not to buy, and to make them re-purchase that insurance product every month for their entire lives,” a divided three-judge panel said.

    Obama and his administration had pressed for the law to help halt the steep increases in healthcare costs and expand insurance coverage to the more than 30 million Americans who are without it.

    It argued that the requirement was legal under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. One of the three judges of the appeals court panel, Stanley Marcus, agreed with the administration in dissenting from the majority opinion.

    The majority “has ignored the undeniable fact that Congress’ commerce power has grown exponentially over the past two centuries and is now generally accepted as having afforded Congress the authority to create rules regulating large areas of our national economy,” Marcus wrote.

    Many other provisions of the healthcare law are already being implemented.

The decision contrasts with one by the U.S. Appeals Court for the 6th Circuit, based in Cincinnati, which had upheld the individual mandate as constitutional. That case has already been appealed to the Supreme Court.

    The Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, based in Richmond, has yet to rule on a separate challenge by the state of Virginia.

(Reporting by Jeremy Pelofsky and James Vicini; Editing by Eric Beech

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Muslim Brotherhood In Our White House – Vetting Obama ... | 8.13.11 | AJ


Stated by a Muslim Liberal Democrat Marxist who worked and campaigned for Barack Obama:

     “I want you to focus and I hope you can talk to your families and your friends and your neighbors that when someone says that there is a penetration of Jihadi Islamists within Canadian society, do not dismiss it as some right-wing xenophobic racist rant.

   Today in the White House there are three members of the Muslim Brotherhood that influence Obama’s policy.

* One is Rashad Hussain of Indian origin who is the American Ambassador to the 52 nation organization of Islamic countries.

* Dialia Mogahed who writes his speech who comes from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

* Just day before yesterday, another woman, an academic, was appointed in that circle.

    This is happening while we sit silent and I say that as a Liberal Democrat, as someone who worked and campaigned for Barack Obama.

   We have evidence in Canada of this penetration that’s going on.”

     Tarek Fatah, a moderate Muslim advocate and Liberal Democrat Marxist, told an auditorium filled with thousands of Canadians at Ideacity that “the religion of Islam is being used as a tool by a fascist force.”

     Americans need to know, as Tarek clearly states…

“Instead of bringing victory over the fascist forces of the Muslim Brotherhood, we now recognize that their infiltration is right up to the American White House, but we can’t say that.”

   “Today we are fighting another idea of Islamo-fascism that has shut our mouths and we can’t speak because we’re too scared that someone may turn around and call us a racist. And mind you, everyday as I speak, a few dozen Muslims would have been killed by now by these Jihadi’s.”

     He says that he has seen his own “fellow travelers betray the cause of Social Justice and align themselves with the most horrendous fascists that you could ever meet.” The far-left has joined with radical Islamists and they are working together. Recall that Glenn Beck warned of this in January 2011 and now, from inside the Liberal Democratic movement, Tarek sees it with his own eyes and speaks out about it.

  America’s government-controlled media fail to report the truth, which is why many Americans research, self-educate and become citizen journalists in order to bring you the truth. On this subject, we have previously explained that Islamism is not a religion; it is a complete system comprised of totalitarian rule over day-to-day life – political, financial, legal, social, cultural and religious – and its mission is Jihad. Tarek explains this too.

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Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not.~Jeremiah 5:21

    “Please understand that there is a distinction between Islam as a faith which, along with every other religion, has its own problems, and “Islamism,” which is an ideology, a political ideology, that says that Western Civilization has to be destroyed.”

   “The books that are distributed at Eaton Centre and the Dundas Square clearly state by the founders of the Muslim Brotherhood that all Western countries have to be destroyed.”

    Obama’s embrace of those who hate America and actively pursue the destruction of our country from within and externally has been on display for quite awhile and it’s time we see, speak and hear the truth.

    Obama brought the Muslim Brotherhood into our White House; no one but Obama did this. He brought George Soros into our White House, an anti-Semite who aided the Nazi’s and a financial terrorist who is making billions off the economic misery Obama has purposely caused in our country.

    Many Americans fail to understand this while the media hides the truth. From corrupt dictators (e.g. inviting President Ali Bongo of Gabon to the White House) to domestic terrorists (e.g. Bill Ayers) to self-proclaimed Communist/Marxist (e.g. Van Jones), these, and many more like them, are the people Obama brings into our White House… these are his friends and associates.

    Do you know people like this? Do you work with people like this? Would you appoint three Muslim Brotherhood members to the White House if you were President?

The Muslim Brotherhood creed:

“Allah is our objective, the prophet is our leader, the Koran is our law, Jihad is our way, dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

“Jihad is our way” explicitly endorses the reinstatement of a worldwide Islamic regime.

    As Tarek says, talk to your families, friends and neighbors; show them the warning from this Liberal Democrat Marxist.

“Why is it happening? Because we are not speaking out. And the dangers we face… if we do not confront them today, our children will not forgive us tomorrow.”


“The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.  The Republic can survive a Barack Obama who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president."


My other personal concern is the evil entities behind the fool

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Letter to the President: Call off your war on business.

Jim Lacey
August 10, 2011

Dear Mr. President,

Recently I have written several columns dealing with what ails our economy. I have afterwards been astounded at the number of comments I receive informing me that wrecking the economy is part of your administration’s plan to drive the nation into the ground so that it can be rebuilt as a socialist utopia where government pied pipers will lead us all to nirvana.

I, for one, do not for an instant believe you purposely want to harm the economy. In fact, with the 2012 election looming, I am certain you are second to no one in your desire to claim credit for a booming economy. Therefore I am wondering why you appear to be desperately avoiding doing anything that could get the economy moving again.

The only answer I can come up with is that you don’t know what to do, and you are surrounded by advisers who are just as clueless. Seven quarters of lousy growth numbers since the official end of the recession, last week’s stock plunge, Friday’s downgrade of the nation’s debt rating, and stubbornly high unemployment are all screaming the same message: What you have been doing is not working. One wonders, then, why all the proposals coming from your administration appear to call for more of the same.

Albert Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over in hopes of a different outcome. Mr. President, you need two things: new ideas, and a willingness to act on them. The White House has become an echo chamber, where the same limited ideas get repeated ad nauseam. Giving a failed policy such as the stimulus program a new name — the infrastructure bank — does not disguise the fact that you are trying to enact Son of Stimulus.

It would help if you (and Republicans also) stopped obsessing about only one side of the economic equation — the debt. It is time to move the debate to the topic of growth. When the nation’s economy is growing, jobs multiply, government revenues increase, and the debt becomes a bit more manageable. You can’t ignore the debt, but you can start putting forward options to get the country past the seemingly endless debates over spending.

Your future success also requires a major adjustment in your own attitudes toward business and the economy. Given your background as a community organizer, it may be difficult for you to accept that capitalist businesses are not the enemy of the American people. Rather, the business-dominated capitalist model is the best system ever devised by man to provide the greatest amount of good to the greatest number of people. You may find this difficult to believe, but businessmen are the greatest believers in redistributive economics I have ever come across. They just prefer to redistribute their profits through paychecks, dividends that enrich 401(k) plans, and investments that create jobs.