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Like animals: As the $5 deal drops the crowd goes wild, throwing themselves over the box in order to get their hands on a pair of headphones


Overwhelmed: A Twitter user from Juneau, Alaska shared this photo of a cashier passed out in a *beep*'s store


Rush: The cashier is taken from the store by paramedics. The Twitter user said shoppers paid no attention


Busted: Samantha Chavez, 28, is arrested in a Walmart in Altamonte Springs, Florida after causing a scene


Early birds: People fill the aisles at a Target in Highland Indiana as it opened its doors early on Thursday night


Overkill? Lori Harmon of guards three shopping carts full of goods at a Target in Columbia, South Carolina



Battle: Shoppers fought for deals in the shoe department at the Columbiana Centre Belk in South Carolina


Bargain hungry: Shoppers **noallow** themselves for midnight openings at the Clackamas Town Center, Oregon


Excitement: Girls enter through the doors of a Forever 21 clothing store in Oregon on Friday


Stocking up: This customer appeared to have purchased several pricey electronic goods at a Walmart in Dallas


Excitement: Target manager Jay Fitzgerald exuberantly greeted Black Friday shoppers


Nightmare: Amanda Benton has her head in her hands as she waits in line at Target in Texarkana, Texas


Mob: The world-famous department store was so full shoppers could barely move


Anticipation: 11,000 people were thought to have lined up outside Macy's in New York


In at last: Shoppers at Macy's flagship store in New York City celebrate as they enter at midnight



Popular: Even trendy Manhattanites were keen to grab some savings on Black Friday


Family outing: A father and his two daughters celebrate being let in to Best Buy in Mesquite, Texas


In line: Hundreds of shoppers queued up at Toys R Us in New York's Times Square on Thursday evening


Scramble: Bargain hunters rummage through stacks of DVDs and video games at Walmart in Fairfax, Virginia


All shopped out: Shoppers rest with their purchases in the Manhattan Mall in New York City