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Re: Oracion al Justo Juez!!!

El Justo Jues en Ingles - The Just Judge Prayer in English (please say one for us, many blessings):


Oh, Divine and Righteous Judge, creator of the skies and earth. King of Kings without equal, Judge of such supreme virtue that you nurture our souls, with your paternal power.


Oh, my Lord and Redeemer, Rescuer of the Universe, via your infinite love defend my interests from that of all adversaries, guide me, you are my light, my protector and my glory, via your infinite love defend me at all times.


Oh, all powerful and most Holy Jesus, bestow upon me a worthy death for all the torment, pain and suffering of your own death nailed upon the Holy Cross. Holy Father prepare me as was done with your beloved Apostles Saint Thomas and Saint Peter, liberate us as you did Saint Mary Magdalene and several other virgins, make my life fulfilling and righteous without rash and reckless decisions, protect me from dangerous paths, cruel prisons, treacherous rivers, all enemies, demonic possessions, thieves, being referred to negatively, being the victim of false testimony. Liberate me Oh Supreme Being from falling into mortal sin – for that is the worst that a Christian can commit on this earth, strip all powers from my enemies whether visible or invisible, never allow my conquering or that of my soul, never may I be within the reach of their eyes (be seen), feet (be located), hands (be apprehended).


And as my Judge, protect me from their words, their spears, swords, knives, firearms or any means by which to mortally injure me, only you my Lord, because your you are my Judge, my Father, my Redeemer. Conceal me in that sacred sore at the Divine’s side, and cover me with the Sacred Cloth that covered our most Holy Savior Jesus Christ’s body. My beloved Father that my covered body be protected from injury, death, imprisonment, captivity, and never within reach of the hands of any enemies, may my enemies be overcome/conquered. 


May the Father free me, the Son keep me, the Holy Spirit accompany and speak for me. 


Jesus, Amen.

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Re: Oracion al Justo Juez!!!

Gracias por la oracion.

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Re: Oracion al Justo Juez!!!


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Re: Oracion al Justo Juez!!!

Mi proctetor nunca falta lo tengo en mi negocio,gracias padre x todo lo q me has dado,hagase tu voluntad amen.