we petition the obama administration to: Grant Temporary Protected Status to Guatemalans

This is in regards to the request for TPS for Guatemala, in light of the recent major earthquakes.  This is the third request due to natural disasters in that area occurring in the past two years. Due to all the recent destruction, we have been overwhelmed with requests for help from family members living in Guatemala.  The original request for Temporary Protected Status came in June of 2010 after a major storm, Agatha, hit the country.  Our government said it was under active consideration and to this day no decision has been made.  This is a very important issue for my family and millions of others. Granting TPS would allow us to help them in so many ways.   We invoke your help in supporting this request that will not only help a struggling country but will also benefit the U.S. as well.

Created: Nov 22, 2012
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