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LONDON — Maybe it should have been called the O-20.

Just over two months into his presidency, Barack Obama commanded center stage at this high-wattage gathering of the world’s industrialized nations, vacuuming up attention both inside the summit and throughout a sophisticated city not easily star-struck.

Obama proclaimed at the end of the conference that his country would be more humble in the world, but there was nothing modest about the attention he received.

His profile was so immense that it threatened to diminish both the global summit itself and the protests taking place on the streets of London.

“Never mind the stimulus, who sat next to the president?” read a front-page headline in The Guardian about the G-20 dinner that only seemed partly in jest. 

At the summit’s close, Obama proclaimed himself pleased with the results — calling the event a “turning point” in the effort to reverse the global economic meltdown. The world leaders called for $1.1 trillion in loans and financial guarantees for poor countries largely through the International Monetary fund, and a new global Financial Stability Board to warn of a future financial crisis.

As always wanting to seize control of Obama’s public image, the president’s aides took steps to ensure that he was seen as not just as a celebrity astride a gushing audience but a statesman taking a leadership role during his debut on the world stage.

A press briefing for White House reporters was hastily called Thursday afternoon just minutes after the summit’s communiqué was issued so a senior administration official could tout the president’s pivotal role in brokering a compromise between the French and Chinese on tax havens that the official said had threatened to derail the meeting.

The French have pushed for a brighter light to be shined on those jurisdictions in violation of tax standards while the Chinese have stoutly refused to even recognize such a list; Obama, pulling aside leaders of both countries first separately and then together, hashed out a compromise to “note” the existence of a list.

“I’d suggest we might still be there had he not done this,” said the administration official who briefed White House reporters.

Obama, mindful of his outsized role, was modest about how he fared here, saying at the press conference at the end of the summit that he thought “we did OK” and noting he wanted to listen and learn at what was his first international conference. The final agreement stopped short of Obama’s hopes that individual European nations would do their own economic stimulus at home, as Obama did here in the United States.

But a senior administration official assured that a new financial entity created out of the summit was not the global regulatory body some Europeans had sought — and Wall Street has feared — but only an “international coordination body.”

Obama’s news conference itself demonstrated just how large Obama’s footprint was here. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown may have been the host, but his afternoon briefing was dwarfed by the new American president.

The line to get in stretched about 500 feet down a long hallway at the convention center hosting the conference and the 800 seats were all full inside, prompting scores of reporters to line the walls.

When Obama arrived, dozens of the print reporters in the audience stood to take their own keepsake photographs on camera phones and BlackBerrys behind the news photographers thronging the entire width of the vast stage.

When the president departed after nearly an hour, dozens more reporters offered him applause — something one veteran reporter who has covered the globe for decades said he could not recall seeing except for in authoritarian nations.

In between, a veritable auction broke out when Obama said he would intersperse questions from international journalists.

Reporters shouted out the name of their country or continent to plead that he call on them.

“You know, we’re not doing bidding here,” Obama joked, winning titters from the fawning correspondents.

After the press conference, a beaming Swiss reporter turned to an American colleague.

“Your president is just so impressive,” she said. “Is he always so relaxed and open?”

Earlier a Moscow TV crew had come around to the American section of the press file center asking if reporters would go on camera to discuss Obama.

But it wasn’t just reporters swooning.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, leader of the world’s largest democracy, used part of his one-on-one session with Obama to ask for an autograph on behalf of his daughter (or so he said).

Nor was the adulation limited to the president.

An afternoon visit to an all-girls high school by Michelle Obama prompted shrieks, cheers and even tears among the students.

“Michelle Is Mint Green Queen of Fashion” read one Daily Telegraph headline over a story showing three pictures of the first lady

Throughout London, locals strained to catch a glimpse at the hottest new American import.

One of the more popular shirts was the iconic red-and-white Tube logo with “Obama” swapped out for “Underground”

“Well, I suppose something has to go wrong at some point, but he is rather wonderful, isn’t he?” one Briton was quoted in The Guardian.

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Brilla,estoy leyendo bien?Una cosa es el Protocolo y otra los Resultados, esperemoslos,
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OBAMA Couldn't coutersy to a white CHRISTIAN monarch but...   COULD TO MUSLIM KING

Obama did a full bow from the waist when he met King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.  This is never done!  A U.S. president is never supposed to bow before foreign royalty. 

Choosing Muslims For Appointments

During the presidential campaign, one of the stickiest rumors surrounding Barack Obama was that if he was elected, America could look forward to having a Muslim in the White House.  Now that Obama is president, that rumor may prove correct.  

President Obama says he’s a Christian, but that doesn’t mean he won’t appoint Muslims to key positions in his administration in return for Muslim support during the election.  Muslim groups are fretting that none have been appointed yet, and they want that to change.  Polls showed about nine in 10 American Muslims voted for Obama last fall, and they want something to show for it.  Don’t be surprised if Obama gives them what they want.

Politicians usually reward their supporters.  But the way they do it -- and just who they reward -- is quite important.      

Last weekend, news broke that various “community groups” are urging our “community-organizer-in-chief” to hire more Muslims.  The Los Angeles Times reported that J. Saleh Williams, program coordinator for the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association, “sifted through more than 300 names” and forwarded a book of 45 résumés to the White House.  Evidently, the White House is eager for the vetting help.  The effort, stated the Times, was “bumped up two weeks ahead of schedule because White House officials heard about the venture.” 

The Times quotes Abdul Malik Mujahid of the Muslim Democrats saying, “Muslims are not looking for handouts. We’re just looking for equal opportunity and inclusiveness.”  Not to mention a little influence.  A spokesman for the Council on American Islamic Relations didn’t mince words, saying, “We’re hoping that once [Attorney General] Eric Holder puts the [Justice] department in order and places people in different positions, we can reestablish what were very positive relations [with the FBI] in our 15-year history.”  You may recall that the FBI terminated its “very positive relations” with CAIR after it was declared an unindicted co-conspirator in the government’s case against the Holy Land Foundation.

Such faith-based hiring comports with the liberal ideal of equal representation, whereby each constituency is represented in every area of public life in direct proportion to their numbers in the overall population. 

Every possible demographic variable must be accounted for: ***, religion, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, and so forth.  When Obama gets around to filling the more than 8,000 administration jobs that remained unfilled, his administration will end up looking like a cross-section of America. 

Except, sadly, when it comes to two groups -- tax cheats, from which the administration seems determined to oversample, and conservatives, of whom we can expect none.  Which is a shame since most Americans want a variety of political viewpoints in the room when big decisions are made.  

There is a tinge of hypocrisy in the Left’s desire for faith-based hiring.  I remember the hyperventilating in Washington when it was learned that the Bush administration made an effort to hire graduates of Regent University Law School, which was founded by Pat Robertson. 

The liberal blogosphere blew up, citing it as yet another example of Bush subordinating ability to politics in hiring decisions.  Reporters were aghast to discover that the school’s mission is to provide “Christian leadership to change the world.”  They mocked the university for having the temerity to teach that man’s law ought not to preclude God’s law.  Leftwing groups warned that America was on the verge of a theocracy and that the “separation of church and state” was under assault. 

I’m not hearing much concern about the “separation of mosque and state” today from those groups.  Of course, according to the Left, it is preferable to have ardent Muslims in the White House than it is to have believing Christians.  For as Rosie O’Donnell once blurted, “radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America.”   

Will Obama hire Muslims only for the political value?  He needn’t -- he’s already done plenty to win them over.  The press gleefully told us that Obama was the first president to mention Muslims in his inaugural address.  And his first sit down interview was with the Arabic Al Arabiya news channel.  During that encounter, Obama “reassured” Muslims the world over that that Americans are not their enemies.  In recent days, the president sent a video to Tehran with the plea to begin a new relationship “…that is honest and grounded in mutual respect.” 

As naïve as that is, Obama did something yesterday that no US president should ever do:  he bowed to a foreign leader.  Worse still, he did it to the Saudi King. At the G-20 Summit yesterday, Obama did a full bow from the waist when he met King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.  This is never done!  A U.S. president is never supposed to bow before foreign royalty. 
 He didn’t bow before Queen Elizabeth yesterday.  His act has many wondering whether it is another signal to the Muslim world.

Obama’s message of “mutual respect” is also the one Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been delivering around the world.  When she hasn’t been reassuring China that its egregious human rights record will be no obstacle to warmer relations with the U.S., Clinton has been apologizing to Muslim governments for the supposedly egregious human rights violations of the Bush administration, which included liberating millions of their brethren in two countries at the cost of thousands of American lives.

In response to the book of Muslim résumés sent to the president, White House spokesman Shin Inouye said, “The White House appreciates the input from concerned outside organizations as we fully consider all applicants regardless of their religion or national origin, and as we continue to fill positions throughout the administration.” 

Advocacy groups have every right to send their lists to the White House.  It’s standard practice. And the president can pick whomever he wants to fill out his administration.  But if Obama’s choices are being made on the basis of identity politics rather than ability and competence, it would mark a clear departure for an administration the media have been telling us is made up of the “best and the brightest.”  On the bright side, it may awaken the few Americans still clinging to the fantasy of a post partisan presidency.
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Obama bows to Saudi king,and is most unbecoming a president of the United States

Obama bows to Saudi king,and is most unbecoming a president of the United States”

Greeting called ‘most unbecoming for president of the United States’, “One does not bow or curtsy to a foreign monarch because the gesture symbolizes recognition of her power over her subjects.”

April 02, 2009

By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

President Obama greeted the king of Saudi Arabia with a full bow from the waist yesterday, a move one commentator described as a violation of protocol and not worthy of the office he holds.

“I am quite certain that this is not the protocol, and is most unbecoming a president of the United States,” writes Clarice Feldman in an American Thinker commentary.

The situation developed as leaders of the world attending the G20 summit in London assembled for a photograph to mark the event.

In this first image, after the king extended his hand while Obama approached, Obama bends from the waist until his head is nearly at the monarch’s waist:

OBAMA Couldn't coutersy to a white CHRISTIAN monarch but...   COULD TO MUSLIM KING

Obama did a full bow from the waist when he met King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.  This is never done!  A U.S. president is never supposed to bow before foreign royalty. 

Video by a television crew was posted on YouTube. The bow comes at about 50 seconds into the video:

The action appeared especially awkward since among the dozens of world leaders and their spouses, handshakes abounded, but there appeared to be no other bowing in the room.

The U.S. State Department’s office of protocol, in a statement attributed to acting chief of protocol Gladys Blouda, confirmed the type of greeting between heads of state depends on the customs of the countries, but a handshake is the most common form of greeting.

The online Travel Etiquette website for Saudi Arabia said handshakes are common greetings between members of the same ***.

“You should expect to undertake a considerable amount of small talk, and learning a few Arabic greetings would be well received. Saudis will stand closer to each other than many westerners are used to, and members of the same *** will often touch arms when postulating or emphasizing a point. You should not draw away from this as it would be considered rude and rejecting. Be aware that due to the conservative nature of Saudi Arabian society, it is not considered proper etiquette for men and women to greet each other in public,” the site advises.

“It is proper etiquette to refer to a royal as Your Highness, and any members of the government ministries as Your Excellency,” it said.

Many of the proper procedures for meeting royalty are set by the British monarchy, since its members carry probably the highest royal profile around the world today.

The website for the British queen advises men who are from the United Kingdom to provide a neck bow (from the head only) “whilst women do a small curtsy. Other people prefer simply to shake hands in the usual way.”

“On presentation to The Queen, the correct formal address is ‘Your Majesty’ and subsequently ‘Ma’am’,” the site advises.

ABC reported Obama and his wife, Michelle, were less formal meeting Queen Elizabeth II earlier this week, when they exchanged handshakes. The queen briefly touched Michelle Obama on the back, and she returned the contact.

Pundits were surprised, since in 1992 Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating was criticized when he put his arm around the queen in violation of a general “no-touch” rule regarding royalty.

But the traditional Miss Manners book of etiquette advises: “One does not bow or curtsy to a foreign monarch because the gesture symbolizes recognition of her power over her subjects.”

Jamie Glazov, the author of “United in Hate,” said Obama’s act actually was to be expected.

“And people don’t know what’s going on here? Are we kidding?” he said. “This is simply the continuation of fellow traveling. It’s to be totally expected. Leftists have prostrated themselves before despots throughout history – during the whole Cold War and now vis-Ã -vis jihadists in the terror war. ‘United in Hate’ crystallizes with precision how and why this dark process occurs.”

He cited the Obamas’ less formal interaction with the queen earlier.

“Obviously, the queen does not wield totalitarian power and does not mete out sadistic punishment – with which a believer yearns to identify. The Saudi king, meanwhile, is a tyrannical entity to which Obama can subjugate his individuality – and through which he can vicariously experience a feeling of power and purpose. This is the process of negative identification that every leftist must practice and that ‘United in Hate’ documents is at the heart of every leftist’s main driving force,” he said.

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