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Re: ¿Qué opinas sobre el asesinato del embajador de EU en Li

La desesperacion de los Repulicanos por ir perdiendo en los sondeos de la Opinion Publica no tiene limites, ahora le quieren hechar la culpa al presidente Obama de la equivocada reaccion musulmana por la publicacion de una pelicula denigrante de la religion musulmana, como si la casa blanca pudiera controlar el pensamiento religiosos de todos los pueblos del mundo.  Que pateticos estos Republicanos.  Dios nos coja confesados si el Sr. Mitt Romney saliera elegido presidente, pues con sus exhabruptos en temas internacionales y sus delirios de conquistador y prepotencia es mas que seguro que nos arrojaria a una tercera guerra mundial y todo lo hace para llenarse aun mas los bolsillos mediante el armamentismo mundial.  Sus socios billonarios fabricantes de armas estaran felices con las declaraciones de este zatrapa sin escrupulos para ganar dinero a costa del sufrimiento humano.

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Re: ¿Qué opinas sobre el asesinato del embajador de EU en Li

As essential facts emerge concerning the September 11 incident in Libya that led to the deaths of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other American embassy staffers, it becomes increasingly obvious that Mitt Romney should have kept his noxious, uninformed, and opportunistic remarks to himself. But Romney’s comments criticizing US diplomatic personnel in the wake of that tragedy have proved him unfit for leadership, even without the damning information that has made him look foolish as well.

There was something truly vile in his statement accusing American diplomats of “sympathizing” with the extremists assaulting their embassy, when they were simply trying to defuse the Muslim anger that posed a grave threat to them and their colleagues. It was all too easy for the Republican candidate to pontificate from a safe podium while American diplomats risk their lives, as they do every day. (And to anyone aware that Romney avoided Vietnam-era military service through a Mormon missionary posting in France, his nonchalant slurring of courageous public servants was especially unbecoming.)

Romney’s smug criticism provoked instantaneous revulsion among former diplomats and foreign policy experts of both parties, mystified and appalled that he would hold the lives of those who serve so cheaply. Visiting an embassy in a dangerous place in the Mideast, East Africa, or South Asia, where the president’s portrait hangs on the wall, it is obvious that the people who work in those places depend heavily on the moral support of their nation’s leaders.

Meanwhile, reporting about the bizarre movie trailer that sparked violence across the Mideast could scarcely be more embarrassing to Romney and his amateurish advisers.  Evidently the producers of this thing are a gang of fraudsters and extremists, who misrepresented their project and sought to falsely implicate both Israel and the American Jewish community in America in their inflammatory project. Before Romney decided to line up beside these nutcases, he might have wanted to know that at least several are associated with anti-Mormon as well as anti-Muslim agitation, as journalist Max Blumenthal explains here.

Even if the film’s producers weren’t a bunch of crooks and cranks, there would be no contradiction between defending their freedom of speech, as a matter of principle, and criticizing their offensive propaganda. The American values that Romney pretends to uphold – even as he prepares to kowtow to the authoritarians at the Values Voters Summit – certainly don’t prohibit US officials abroad or at home from speaking out against attempts to inflame religious hostility.

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Libya: Danse Macabre with the body of Chris Stevens, U.S. ambassador killed in Benghazi [photos]

Allain Jules

Agence France-Presse 9/12/2012


El embajador estadounidense en Libia fue torturado y violado sexualmente antes de ser asesinado, la prensa norteamericana no lo ha dicho todavía.



La noticia ha saltado en algunos blogs libaneses de ultra izquierda. Los autores de la masacre en la embajada estadounidense en Libia torturaron salvajemente al embajador norteamericano, Chris Stevens, violándolo sexualmente, antes de asesinarlo. Luego emprendieron una danza festiva y macabra, trajinando el cadáver de un lado a otro.

Mientras Obama y la prensa servil al régimen no paran de condenar el comentario ofensivo sobre Mahoma publicado en la red de la Internet por un egipcio cristiano copto cuyo pueblo ha sido masacrado por los musulmanes, Obama, le ha ocultado al pueblo americano la trágica muerte del embajador americano, Christopher Stevens, quien fue torturado y violado sexualmente por los salvajes terroristas islámicos, aparentemente tratando Obama de proteger el buen nombre de los fieles de la religión de paz, así como de librarlos de la justa ira del pueblo americano




The horror is unimaginable. This is the promissed world "radically transformed" by Obama.

And more gruesome then Obama's lethal delusions is the diversion he is attempting to create using Mitt Romney. Obama and his media jackals are attacking Romney for his much needed and proper criticism of Obama's epic failing in handling this unfolding crisis of war. The Obama administration apologized for "religious incitement" when the Egyptian emabassy was attacked. It's all the enemedia jackals are talking about, not Obama's epic fail, but the timing of Romney's remarks.

Obama's sharia spring sacrificing soldiers, diplomats and ambassadors. Obama sanctioned the brutal sodomy of Gaddafi, something that would never have happened under Bush.

White House condemns ... film

Below is the rough (Google) translation.

Sources AFP that "the U.S. ambassador to Libya was raped sexually before killing by gunmen who stormed the embassy building in Benghazi last night to protest against the film is offensive to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)," The sources said that "Ambassador was killed and representation of his body in a manner similar to what happened with Gaddafi.

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OBAMA Had Advance Knowledge of Mideast Attacks

By Matthew Vadum 9,14, 2012


Although the Obama administration had “credible” evidence of this week’s deadly Islamist attacks on U.S. missions in Libya and Egypt a full two days before they happened, no effort was made to protect U.S. government personnel, The Independent reports.

The Islamofascist offensive took place on 9/11, a day of great symbolic importance to both America and the Islamic world because it was the eleventh anniversary of al Qaeda’s attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The U.S. media, of course, seems barely aware of this symbolism because it has been focused laser-like on savagely attacking President Obama’s opponent, Republican Mitt Romney, for daring to criticize Obama’s foreign policy.

Senior diplomatic sources told the British newspaper that “the US State Department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in Benghazi, and the embassy in Cairo, that American missions may be targeted, but no warnings were given for diplomats to go on high alert and ‘lockdown’, under which movement is severely restricted.”

Unfortunately, there’s much more bad news. Important secret papers are missing from the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and refuges for U.S. personnel across that recently liberated North African nation are no longer considered “safe.”

The AWOL documents are sensitive enough to make Julian Assange salivate.

“Some of the missing papers from the consulate are said to list names of Libyans who are working with Americans, putting them potentially at risk from extremist groups, while some of the other documents are said to relate to oil contracts,” the paper reports.

Americans have also been subjected to the grotesque spectacle of a dead envoy’s body being dragged around Benghazi. U.S. ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and at least three other Americans were killed in a firefight at the U.S. consulate in that city. Stevens was apparently tortured and may have been sodomized by his assassins in a ritual of humiliation popular among Islamic terrorists.

Libyan leader Mohammed Magarief promptly apologized “to the United States, the people and to the whole world for what happened” in Benghazi.

Although U.S. Marines are normally stationed at the full embassy in Tripoli, for reasons unknown, no Marines were guarding the facility in Benghazi. President Obama has reportedly since dispatched a contingent of Marines to Libya.

Despite President Obama’s curious statement about Egypt, that “I don’t think we would consider them an ally, but we don’t consider them an enemy,” U.S. officials in Cairo had been counting on increasingly hostile Egyptian authorities to protect the diplomatic compound. Hillary Clinton’s State Department reportedly ordered the Marines defending the embassy in Cairo not to carry live ammunition. At the Pentagon, Marines Lt. Col. Chris Hughes denied the report, saying, “No restrictions on weapons or weapons status [had] been imposed.”

At press time anti-American protests had spread to the Gaza Strip, Tunisia, Yemen, Iraq, and Bangladesh, and were still continuing in Cairo. Egypt’s Islamist President Mohamed Morsi has condemned the Benghazi assault but his critics don’t believe he was being sincere.

Initially it was reported that the attacks in Benghazi and Cairo were spontaneous, prompted by a movie trailer on YouTube for Innocence of Muslims, which offers an unflattering portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed. This is a convincing enough cover story because Muslims have rioted over far less. Muslims not only do not tolerate unkind cinematic depictions of Mohammed, they do not tolerate any cinematic depiction of Mohammed.

But now it is unclear if such a movie actually exists. Innocence of Muslims might even turn out to be a so-called false flag operation created as a pretext for Islamist attacks on U.S. interests. Hollywood figures are reportedly unaware of the film and the actors in the 14-minute Ed Wood-quality production now claim they were misled about the storyline.


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The story gets stranger. The Wall Street Journal spoke to someone who called himself Sam Bacile. Bacile claimed to be the director of the celluloid schlock. The newspaper of record said Bacile “described himself as a 52-year-old Israeli-American real-estate developer, called Islam a ‘cancer,’ and said the film had been funded by Jewish donors to the tune of $5 million.”

Bacile, it turns out, may not exist. There are no records of him in the U.S. or Israel. Bacile’s telephone number corresponds to an address in Cerritos, California, which seems to be the home of someone else. Someone who answered the phone and might reside there reportedly may or may not be a man who did time in prison for bank fraud. And so on and so on.

An under-secretary named Patrick Kennedy at the State Department said the assault in Benghazi was carefully planned. The attack might have been payback for the U.S. killing of Libyan-born Mohamed Hassan Qaid (also known as Abu Yahya al-Libi), a senior al Qaeda official. Qaid was cremated in a drone strike in Pakistan three months ago.

Then again, maybe not.

Stateside, the apoplectic Obama-worshipping media has been pounding Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for days for speaking truth to power.

In response to perceived Muslim anger over Innocence of Muslims, the U.S. mission in Cairo released a bizarre statement Tuesday condemning “the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims.”

Expressing the views of many Americans, Romney said it was “disgraceful that the Obama administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.”

In words that will likely come back to haunt him, President Obama, the man who once mocked Cambridge, Massachusetts police by saying they “acted stupidly” by arresting Obama’s close personal friend, told “60 Minutes” that Romney’s comment wasn’t presidential. Romney has “a tendency to shoot first and aim later.” This is the same thing that unlucky Jimmy Carter said of then-challenger Ronald Reagan.

Some might criticize President Obama for not seeming to care about national security issues and foreign policy.

After all, his wife, First Nanny Michelle Obama, just said that obesity is “absolutely” the greatest threat to national security.

And remember, as I reported in Subversion Inc., this is an administration that views each September 11 not as a solemn day of remembrance but as a Kumbaya-encrusted day of rainbows and unicorns. Obama’s September 11 observance isn’t about the murder of 3,000 innocent Americans by Norman Invasion-era theocratic totalitarians. In Obama’s words, it’s about “solving today’s most pressing challenges: clean energy, energy efficiency, health care, education, economic opportunity, veterans and military families.”

At the 2009 law-signing ceremony creating the “National Day of Service and Remembrance,” President Obama said nothing about 9/11, except in passing. He said he hoped that the generation of young people “that came of age amidst the horrors of 9/11 and [Hurricane] Katrina, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, an economic crisis without precedent,” would come forward and volunteer to work for “change.” And it’s never been clear why this National Day of Service has to be held – of all the 365 days in a year – on September 11.

President Obama, an avid golfer, doesn’t even show up for many of his regular intelligence briefings. His fans suggest the president is able to fully absorb the daily terrorist threat matrix by osmosis.

As Election Day draws nearer, now Governor Romney will be given daily intelligence briefings.

Chances are he’ll show up.

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Re: ¿Qué opinas sobre el asesinato del embajador de EU en Li

Es la mejor noticia que es recibido desde el año 9/11 por solo un videito los musulmanes se estan destruyendo ellos mismos.Me siento muy feliz de que se as descubierto la manera de acabar con esos loco .


Videitos por aqui Y videitos por alla , Para que se los lleve el mismo diablo con su Dios falso .


No se el porque los energumenos musulmanes no pienzan que si su Dios es real ?  El tal MAHOMA!  es el que tiene que castigar a los acusados con su magia no los mortales. 


la destruccion musulmana es videitos por aqui y videitos por alla.   Saludos.

Dios me ayuda para que yo ayude a los demas que quieran ser ayudados por mi..Pero si se meten conmigo oh mis gente los mando al mismo diablo .......
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Re: ¿Qué opinas sobre el asesinato del embajador de EU en Li

Did you see this? Only 51 days to go and President Obama’s up just one point, 49-48, in the latest poll from ABC and The Washington Post.

It’s down to the side that knocks on more doors, makes more calls and yes, gives more money. It’ll be decided by whether you choose to help right now so that we can win in New Hampshire and North Carolina – three key states that’ll determine the presidency and control of our state houses.

It’s gut-check time. We need to raise $20,000 by midnight tonight to stay on track. We need you to give now, this minute, so we can get our message to every corner of every key state and turn out enough voters to win.

Donate $3 or more now to help the DGA do all that’s necessary to helping re-elect President Obama.

Don’t give yourself any reason to look back on November 7 wondering what if you’d done more. Fifty-one days. Give it all you’ve got now.


Kate Hansen


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Re: ¿Qué opinas sobre el asesinato del embajador de EU en Li

The Rape of Ambassador Christopher   Stevens

By Raymond Ibrahim

September 17, 2012 In Daily Mailer,FrontPage

By obsessing over the 14-minute YouTube Muhammad video and  its  maker, the mainstream media ultimately exonerates the inexcusable and  murderous  response of the Islamic world.

There is only one question: did those who make this  movie  break any law? No, they did not—and so the matter should end there,  and the  media should move on. Focusing on those who did not break any  American laws as a  way to take the focus off those who murdered and  initiated an act of war against  the United States is not only misleading;  it validates and gives Islamic  blasphemy laws precedence over American  freedoms.

Worse, even if making movies deemed offensive to Muslims  was  illegal in the U.S., the fact is, these embassy attacks, which “coincidentally” began on September 11, have nothing to do with the movie. On  September 10, I  wrote an article titled “Jihadis Threaten to Burn U.S.  Embassy in Cairo.” The  demand that the U.S. release its imprisoned  jihadis, including the Blind Sheikh,  was behind these threats. There was  no mention of “offensive movies.” My source,  El Fagr, an Arabic website,  reported all this on September 8.

In other words, several days before Muslims were angry  about  this movie they were threatening to burn down the U.S. embassy in  Cairo. I had  even seen sporadic Arabic reports, from months back, talking  about “extremist  elements” threatening the embassy. The movie is just a  pretext—aided and abetted  by the media, not to mention the Obama  administration: Hillary Clinton called  the video “disgusting and  reprehensible,” wording which is more befitting those  who murdered (and  possibly raped, see below) Americans; the U.S. embassy itself  apologized  for those who “hurt the religious feelings of Muslims”; and the   administration asked YouTube to remove the 14 minute trailer.

Thus the U.S. administration validates Islam’s blasphemy  laws  and, once again, aligns itself with America’s jihadi  enemies.


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Re: ¿Qué opinas sobre el asesinato del embajador de EU en Li



Seventy-year-old, retiring Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) put it  well,  when he suggested that the administration’s response to the embassy  attacks was  akin to a court asking a rape victim for an apology, saying: “It’s like the  judge telling the woman who got raped, ‘You asked for it  because of the way you  dressed.’”

Nor is the rape entirely allegorical. According to the  Arabic  website Tayyar, “the American ambassador in Libya [Christopher  Stevens] was  sexually raped before being killed by the gunmen who stormed  the embassy  building in Benghazi last night [Tuesday, September 11], in  protestation of a  film insulting to the Prophet Muhammad, peace and  blessings upon  him.”

Sexual abuse and degradation is a common tactic used  against  non-Muslims, especially women, as the repeatedly raped Lara Logan  found. For  example, a report in Arabic media that just appeared discusses  how Christian  women—identified by wearing crosses around their necks or  simply not wearing a  hijab—are subject to sexual harassment, verbal abuse,  and even threats of rape  on the streets of Egypt. This has only “become  much more blatant and terrifying  [after the embassy attacks]—and has even  reached the point of threats of  genocide and purging the land of Egypt of  infidel Christians,” writes one female  Christian in Egypt.

Nor are men immune from such rapes. In fact, the photos  of  Ambassador Stevens—stripped of clothes, bloodied and tortured right  before he  was killed—very much resemble the photos of Gaddafi right before  he was killed.  One U.S.-supported “freedom-fighter,” for example, can be  seen sodomizing  Gadaffi with a rod as others dragged him along.

The al-Qaeda affiliated men who sexually abused and  killed  Gaddafi are the same men who sexually abused and killed America’s  ambassador. We  were told that the late Libyan dictator was killed because  he was an evil  oppressor of his people. Why was the American ambassador  killed, who had hailed  the revolution and was there helping to “build a  better Libya”?

These are the questions the media and the Obama  administration  need to be answering—not obsessing over a second-rate  YouTube video and  questioning hard-won American freedoms enshrined in the  First Amendment. They  should be explaining why it is that, after four  years of appeasing the Islamic  world in ways unprecedented, including by  helping oust America’s longstanding  allies like Egypt’s Mubarak to empower  Islamists, all we have to show for it are  dead and violated Americans,  stormed embassies, burned U.S. flags, and greater  anti-American sentiment  than ever before.

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Re: ¿Qué opinas sobre el asesinato del embajador de EU en Li


BHO: A portrait of stupi...dity

Exclusive: Mychal Massie rips Obama for 'making excuses for heathen Muslim behavior'


Webster’s definition of stupid is: acting in a careless and/or unintelligent manner. I submit that they should have Obama’s picture beside the word in their dictionary. Observing the way he has conducted himself and witnessing his lack of leadership ability, calling his actions stupid is the most generous thing I can say about him.

It was stu..pid of Obama to choose to neglect nearly 60 percent of his Presidential Daily Briefs (PDB) since taking office. The PDB briefs presidents on the most critical threats to our country. Obama administration staff pompously puff their chicken breasts out because, as they like to brag, he is so smart that the PDB outline is delivered to his residence and he reads it – as if we are to believe that reading the report is sufficient to understand the gravity of the complexities pursuant to same.

It’s stu...pid of him to believe that he is above all of the other presidents in modern history who almost never missed said briefings. He believes himself to be so superior that as the Government Accountability Institute points out, he decided to attend his PDB with even less frequency the first half of 2012 – attending only 38 percent. (SEE: “Why Is Obama Skipping More Than Half Of His Daily Intelligence Meetings?”; WashingtonPost.com; Marc Thiessen; Sept. 10, 2012.)

The New York Times documented that Obama has practiced bowling in the White House alley since being elected in order to win a bowling contest (“The Competitor-in-Chief”; Jodi Kantor; New York Times; Sept. 2, 2012). He practices his golf and basketball religiously, but he told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu he was too busy to meet with him. It was later revealed that he snubbed Netanyahu to attend a campaign event in Nevada.

It is not my intention to indict every member of the intelligence community, but in this administration, “intelligence” is an oxymoron. How do the directors of the various agencies explain doing such a deplorable job of intelligence gathering?