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Another Piece of Obama’s Radical Puzzle

Another Piece of Obama’s Radical  Puzzle

By Arnold Ahlert On March 8, 2012  In Daily Mailer,FrontPage


Much remains unknown about Barack Obama’s radical past –  which the president has gone to great lengths to conceal from the American  people.  Obama hasn’t succeeded in covering every trail, of course,  as works such as David Horowitz’s  “Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky  Modeland Stanley Kurtz’s  “Radical-in-Chiefhave  shown. Indeed, both those texts have powerfully exposed the  deceptive nature of our current president and the socialist/Marxist associations  he has managed to keep from the public.

Yesterday, another  window revealing the president’s radical past was opened. A video released by  Breitbart.com captured Obama leading a 1991 protest on behalf of Harvard Law’s Derrick Bell, described  by some as the “Rev. Jeremiah Wright of the academic  world.”

“Open up your hearts and your  minds to the words of professor Derrick Bell,” Obama urged  during the protest — which was organized because of Bell’s anger that Harvard  denied tenure to a black female professor, Regina Austin, at a time when only  three of the law school’s professors were black and only five were women. Bell  told Harvard that “until a woman of color is offered and accepted a  tenured pposition on this faculty,” he would take a leave of absence. He  launched a hunger strike to dramatize his point. Considering Bell’s radical  worldview, Obama’s enthusiastic support of this campaign and his exhortation to  the crowd to embrace Bell’s philosophy is quite revealing.

Derrick Bell, who died last year at the age of 80, is credited with pioneering a concept called “critical race theory.” The theory maintains that the legal system of the United  States is inherently biased against blacks and other minorities because it was  built on an ingrained white point of view. Thus, it is necessary, as he argued  in many books and lectures, that the life experiences of black people and other  minorities be considered in hiring decisions and the application of  law.

For Bell,racism was both  a pervasive and permanent aspect of American life. This  belief led him to throw his support behind a journal entitled Race  Traitor, whose editors stated  that “the key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white  race, which means no more and no less than abolishing the privileges of white  skin.”


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Re: Another Piece of Obama’s Radical Puzzle

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Barack embracing radical professor Derrick Bell, the man whose scholarship inspired Obama

Furthermore, Bell believed this “institutional racism” conferred upon oppressed minorities both the right and the duty to decide for  themselves what laws are valid and worth observing. As for law itself, critical  race theory also promotes the use of storytelling in law review articles. In  many of his writings, and in defiance of accepted legal scholarship, Bell placed  legal and social commentary into the mouths of invented characters to better  reflect the “oral traditions” of black experience.

Yet Bell’s story-telling  sometimes bordered on the repugnant. In 1992, Bell wrote a short  story called “The Space Traders” about a dystopian society of depleted resources  and polluted air, where most blacks are walled off from the rest of society and  kept under armed guard. Aliens from outer space descend from the heavens and  offer to solve all of America’s problems if the country sells all of its blacks  to them. A vote is held and 70 percent of the nation agrees to hand over black  Americans “in chains, half-naked, while white men with guns look on, allowing no  chance of escape” to the space beings.

In the story Bell also demonstrates his disdain for American Jews, who oppose the  trade and organize an Anne Frank Committee to stop it — not because Jews  empathize with victimized blacks, but because, Bell writes, “in the absence of  blacks, Jews could become the scapegoats.” Such a depiction, critics have noted,  was a scarcely veiled disparagement of the motives of American Jews, who were  highly active in the civil rights movement. Furthermore, in their book “Beyond  All Reason,” liberal law professors Daniel A. Farber and Suzanna Sherry  note that making Anne Frank — “as close to a saint as Jews have” — the symbol of  Jewish hypocrisy is exceedingly insensitive and observed that aJewish  professor who invoked the name of Rosa Parks so derisively would be bitterly  condemned–and rightly so.”

In his review of that book,  Ninth Circuit Court Judge Alex Kozinski reveals where the “radical  multiculturalism” espoused by Bell and others leads. “When I was a law student a  quarter of a century ago, we were taught that cases usually turned not on what  the law is, not on what the Constitution says, but on the predilections of the  judge making the decision. That view was on the fringe then but is now widely  held.” He notes the consequences of that radicalism. “Traditional liberals in  law schools all over the country are shaking their heads, wondering what hit  them. Whereas 10 years ago one might have had a fruitful discussion with faculty  members and students about justice, equality, freedom, responsibility and merit,  such Enlightenment concepts are now considered a bit quaint and a bit dated–like  stale granola.”

Farber and Sherry echo that  contention, noting that radical multiculturalist law school students “have taken  an ax to the foundations of traditional academic dialogue–things like  objectivity, truth, merit, fairness and polite discourse. For the radical legal  thinkers, all these are tools that straight white males use to oppress those who  are not.”

 Bell spent his entire  academic  career advancing this agenda, even going so far as to condemn  black professors  who took a more moderate stance on affirmative action as  traitors to the black  race who “look black but think  white.”

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Re: Another Piece of Obama’s Radical Puzzle

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Obama & Rev. Wright by fourbyfourblazer

Obama's espiritual and   political  mentor, Rev. Wright, a rabid

racist and anti-american marxist says blacks  should not sing

"God Bless America" but   "God  da..mn America."


All this raises the question: what does the  president  believe? Another piece of the puzzle reveals that Derrick Bell had a  relationship  with Mr. Obama’s former religious mentor, Rev. Jeremiah  Wright. In 2008, despite  being aware of Wright’s rants blasting America as  a racist nation, Bell referred  to him as “one of the foremost preachers in  the country who has done great work  in the Chicago area where he has built  a most impressive church for a very large  congregation.” Why would Bell  say that? Chances are it’s because the “black  liberation theology” espoused by Wright marries itself seamlessly to critical  race theory in  that it too centers around the black struggle for   liberation from the omnipresence of white racism and   oppression.

Furthermore, black  liberation  theology’s chief architect and Rev. Wright’s mentor, James  Cone, argues that  Jesus  Christ himself must have been black because “either God is for black  people in  their fight for liberation and against the white oppressors, or  he is not.” Mr.  Obama spent 20 years attending Cone-protégé Wright’s  church. Is it possible that  one can attend a church for 20 years and not  be aware of the theology that  animates it? One is left to wonder if the  president is aware of James Cone’s  incendiary statement in which he  asserts that

Black theology refuses to  accept  a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the black  community. If  God is not for us and against white people, then he is a  murderer, and we had  better kill him. The task of black theology is to  kill Gods who do not belong to  the black  community.

Despite this odious ideology, Derrick Bell was   critical of the president’s abandonment of Wright:

Sen. Obama, his campaign   threatened by Rev. Wright’s sermons–or sermon snippets–played over and  over  again, has spoken out about racial difference and anger and the need  to get  beyond it in order to address effectively the serious problems that  face us  all.  But like the politicians we discussed who avoid the  tough issues,  Obama has chosen to condemn rather than acknowledge the  truth in Rev. Wright’s  sermons.  He does so while appropriately  refusing to end his relationship  with Wright who brought him to   Christianity.

In other words, the most  radical  leftist president in the history of the republic was insufficiently radical for Bell — the man Barack Obama then referred to  as the “Rosa Parks  of legal education.”


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Re: Another Piece of Obama’s Radical Puzzle


Early on Wednesday, Buzzfeed’s Ben  Smith  announced on Twitter that video researcher Andrew Kaczynski had  released “the  mysterious Harvard/Obama/race video that the Breitbart folks  have been talking  about.” Kaczynski claims the video was “licensed from a  Boston  television station.” Breitbart.com noted that the video had been “selectively  edited either by the Boston television station or by Buzzfeed  itself” and that  it would continue releasing “additional footage that has  been hidden by Obama’s  allies in the mainstream media and academia.” The  additional footage was  featured on Fox News’ “Sean Hannity  Show.”

Edited out of the original  tape  was Barack Obama embracing professor Bell. Furthermore, Harvard Law  Professor  Charles Ogletree admitted that  he  had a copy of the tape, but kept it under wraps during the 2008  presidential  election. “Of course, we hid this throughout the 2008  campaign,” said  Olgetree laughing. “I don’t care if they find it   now.”

It is the contempt of  people  like Charles Ogletree and others for the peoples’ right to know  that has been  instrumental in helping this president maintain a lockdown  on critical periods  of his life. His above associations, as well as his  ties to domestic terrorists  Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, his long  relationship with ACORN, his adoration  of the Alinsky method and the rest  of his radical past — so amply exposed by Kurtz, Horowitz  and  others have all been derisively dismissed as irrelevant,  right-wing  hysteria, or racist.

The selective editing of this tape is yet  another  example of the leftist media’s determination to shape the news  rather than  report it. Their other egregious tactic, aka calculated errors  of omission, is  epitomized by the Los Angeles Times’ refusal to  release another video  of Obama. It is a tape of the president attending a party  and  praising its guest of honor–Rashid Khalidi, rabid Israel-hater and  former  spokesman for terrorist godfather Yasser Arafat. The Times, an  ostensible news organization, has been sitting on that  video for nine years.

The efforts of Breitbart and  the  crew now carrying on his legacy, stand in stark contrast to those who  would aid  and abet this journalistic malfeasance. They deserve great  credit for doing what  media organizations are supposed to do: make news  available, regardless of whose  interests are undermined or enhanced in the  process.

As for the president, whether or not his support  of  yet another America-despising radical accrues to his detriment remains  to be  seen. Obama acolytes will no doubt dismiss this tape as  inconsequential, or  possibly the politics of youthful exuberance long  since abandoned. Yet at some  point, the preponderance of evidence of this  president’s true views and  intentions for the country may reach critical  mass.

Thoughtful Americans should  hope  it occurs before election day.


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Re: Another Piece of Obama’s Radical Puzzle



Obama & Rev. Wright by fourbyfourblazer

Obama's espiritual and  political  mentor, Rev. Wright, a rabid

racist and anti-american marxist says blacks  should not sing

"God Bless America" but  "God  da..mn America."



Obama's "christianity" is based  on the marxist "black  liberation  theology" and the chief  architect and Rev. Wright’s mentor, James  Cone, argues that   Jesus  Christ himself must have been black because “either God is for  black  people in  their fight for liberation and against the white  oppressors, or  he is not.” Mr.  Obama spent 20 years attending  Cone-protégé Wright’s  church. Is it possible that  one can attend a  church for 20 years and not  be aware of the theology that  animates  it? One is left to wonder if the  president is aware of James Cone’s   incendiary statement in which he  asserts that

Black theology refuses to   accept  a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the  black  community. If  God is not for us and against white people, then  he is a  murderer, and we had  better kill him. The task of black  theology is to  kill Gods who do not belong to  the black   community.



Obama embraces racist, Jew hating professor Derrick Bell... Fire Andrea Mitchell ^ | 3/7/2012

So another radical named Derrick Bell was a  big time pal of Obama. Who was Derrick Bell? He’s dead now, but he was a professor of Law at Harvard University. After leaving Harvard in 1992, he Bell wrote a racialist, antisemitic essay called “The Space Traders” in 1994. HBO, which currently employs misogynist “comedian” Bill Maher, decided to turn this loony essay into a documentary back in the 1990s. The essay was about space aliens coming to earth. Whites would “trade” blacks to the space aliens for gold to pay off the national debt. Bell said Jews would just stand by and watch. Charles Ogletree, Barack Obama’s mentor said “We hid this throughout the 2008 campaign.” This proves yet again how corrupt the media is.

Derrick Bell also says that Jews would only help blacks for a sense of self-preservation. Bell also called Anne Frank “the symbol of Jewish hypocrisy.”

So Obama was best buds with yet another anti-semite tied to Jeremiah Wright. But remember, he has Israel’s back right? Obama has Israel’s back alright. A knife in it. Obama’s War on Jews continues.

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Re: Another Piece of Obama’s Radical Puzzle

Obama Forced His Students to Read Bell at University of Chicago Law School


Barack Obama made his own students at the University of Chicago Law School read some of Derrick Bell's most radical and racially inflammatory writings.

In 1994, Barack Obama taught a course at the University of Chicago Law School entitled, "Current Issues in Racism and the Law." The reading list and syllabus for that class were made available by the New York Times in 2008, though there seems to have been little analysis of its content by Jodi Kantor, the Times’s Obama correspondent.

Obama routinely assigned works by Bell as required reading, including Bell's racialist interpretations of seminal civil rights laws and cases. No other scholar’s work appears as often in the syllabus as Bell’s does.

Obama relied particularly heavily upon Bell’s major work, Race, Racism, and American Law (1973). Now in its sixth edition, the book lays out Bell’s Critical Race Theory, which is based on the Alinskyite presumption that all of law is a construct--not of justice, but of power exercised by whites against blacks.

(Obama appears to be diagramming just such a presumption in a famous photo from his campaign that ran in The Times and accompanied a piece written by Kantor on Obama’s stint as a law lecturer. The title of the diagram, “relationships built on self-interest,” links corporations, banks, and utilities, as part of a "power analysis.")

Perhaps most interesting was Obama's decision to include and to require the introduction to Bell’s controversial 1992 book, Faces at the Bottom of the Well: The Permanence of Racism, which relied on manufactured stories (or, as Bell called them, “allegories” or “fables”) meant to portray the allegedly structural racism of American society.

In a September 24, 1992 interview with C-Span’s Brian Lamb, Lamb quoted this paragraph from Bell’s book and asked Bell for comment.

Black people will never gain full equality in this country. Even those Herculean efforts we hail as successful will produce no more than temporary peaks of progress, short-lived victories that slide into irrelevance as racial patterns adapt in ways that maintain white dominance. This is a hard-to-accept fact that all history verifies. We must acknowledge it, not as a sign of submission, but as an act of ultimate defiance. (p. 12, italics in original)

“That, if I had to put down my whole thirty five years working in this [field] is [my view] reflected… If you read nothing else, I think that reflects my experience,” Bell told Lamb.

That is what Obama wanted his fellow students at Harvard, and the students he taught at Chicago, to understand--and believe.

Contrary to media spin, Obama did not encounter radical racialist professor Derrick Bell in a youthful flirtation with radicalism.

Obama befriended Bell as an adult, and he used Bell's work to indoctrinate his own students about race and the law.

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Re: Another Piece of Obama’s Radical Puzzle

More Obama Tapes: Michelle Obama a Race  Agitating  Occupier?

March 7, 2012 - 7:25 pm - by J. Christian Adams


MO Book

A treasure trove of information is coming out regarding  Barack  Obama’s time in college.  Over at the Breitbart sites, we are learning how  Obama  inserted himself into a fight to implement hiring on the basis of  race at  Harvard Law School.  The Obama tapes also seem to show the  other Obama – Michelle – occupying the Harvard Law School dean’s office.   The occupiers  were agitating for the race-based hiring of Harvard law  professors.

The racialist fight at Harvard Law from 1988 to 1991  swirls  around Professor Derrick Bell.  As detailed over at Big  Government,  Professor Bell was a role model to law student Barack  Obama.  But he also  openly advocated for a variety of racialist views  wholly outside the American  mainstream.  Some of them are outright  crazy.  He deliberately used  his ppopsition as a professor to teach  racially charged theories of structural  oppression by whites.  Obama,  nevertheless, now famously urged us “to open  up our hearts and minds to  the words of Professor Derrick Bell.”

Joel Pollack, editor-in-chief at Breitbart.com, said on Hannity tonight that WGBH in Boston didn’t even reply to   Breitbart.com’s request to review the tapes buried in the WGBH  archives.   So instead, I went for the Bigs to Boston and reviewed  them last month.   More will be coming out about the racially charged  fight that Obama participated  in at Harvard. 

I found that Barack might not be the only Obama on the  tapes.

In May 1988, Harvard Law students, borrowing from Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, and foreshadowing the Occupy movement of  2011,  occupied the Harvard Law School’s dean’s office.  The students  were  supporting Professor Derrick Bell’s demand that the law school hire  professors  on the basis of race.

One of the students “dressed in black” and occupying the   dean’s office appears to be Michelle Obama (Harvard Law ’88).  Here is  a  link to the grainy video.  (lower right at about ten seconds in,  wearing  white Keds):



 It is important to note that I had the opportunity to  review  all of the original Betamax videotapes in Boston where the video  quality was  significantly higher than the internet version.  While  there is some chance  this is not Michelle trespassing and “occupying” the  dean’s office for racial  hiring preferences, the Betamax video version  leaves very little doubt it is  her.  Perhaps someone in the  mainstream media will ask the East Wing if  Michelle Obama participated in  a trespassing occupation of the Harvard Law  School dean’s office to demand  race-based hiring of professors.


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Re: Another Piece of Obama’s Radical Puzzle

“The Excellence of His Scholarship”

Morgen on March 8, 2012

I think there is more to come on the Obama-Harvard tape which Breitbart (and BuzzFeed) released yesterday, where Obama was introducing Critical Race Theorist Derrick Bell at a student protest. But among the innocuous comments which have so far been made public, Obama praised “the excellence of [Bell's] scholarship”. This is really just an amusing anecdote, but here is how Bell himself characterized the “excellence” of his scholarship just a few years later:

As to the personal: I want to say quite clearly that I am a product of affirmative action. I am not stupid and I work hard and would likely have had a worthwhile career without affirmative action. But that career would almost certainly not have been as a law teacher and legal writer. I absolutely would not have become a full professor at the Harvard Law School. Without the Harvard imprimatur, my unorthodox writings filled with allegory exploring the depths of racism in the law and the society would likely not have been published and, if published, would not have been taken seriously.

You mean spinning fantastical tales of alien slave traders bargaining to make off with all black residents of the U.S. is not enough to normally earn you a tenured **noallow** at Harvard? Go figure.

More from Bell:

For me, affirmative action made possible the connections, and luck made affirmative action popular just when I needed it. For better or worse, affirmative action is why I have been invited to speak to you this afternoon.

Well, give him credit for admitting this. That’s more than can be said of some of his adherents.

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Re: Another Piece of Obama’s Radical Puzzle

Derrick Bell: The Jeremiah Wright Of Harvard


Presidential Vetting: Obama's days at Harvard have been shrouded in secrecy. But a new video lifts a corner of the veil, revealing his creepy embrace of the "Jeremiah Wright of academia."

It turns out his favorite law professor was the late Derrick Bell, a black radical who taught classes trashing the Constitution as racist.

He liked Bell so much he led a law school "strike" in support of him in 1991, when the professor went on unpaid leave to protest the lack of affirmative-action hiring on campus.

A video clip posted by Breitbart.com captures Obama praising Bell for "speaking the truth" and hugging him.

Not long before this show of affection, Bell had been called into the university president's office to explain why he had sent him a letter filled with violent fantasies — including their own death from a bomb planted in his office by white racists. Bell explained that such extremism is what it would take to get the administration to agree to grant more affirmative-action programs.

Harvard's honcho wasn't amused. Bell groused he just didn't get it. But who would? Apparently his star pupil. And that's what's so unsettling.

Bell's nutty ideas — including that America is a "racist nation" carrying out a "quasi-genocide in the inner cities" — were well known to Obama. Bell came highly recommended by Obama's America-hating preacher Rev. Wright. He and Bell were pals. In fact, Obama just traded Wright's pews for Bell's desks.

At the pro-Bell rally, Obama took to the mike as if he were his spokesman. He commended Bell's "excellence in scholarship," adding that he "changed the standards of what legal writing is about."


His legal writings included this gem published in the Connecticut Law Review around the time Obama was defending him: "The whole (classical) liberal worldview of private rights and public sovereignty mediated by the rule of law needed to be exploded."

Obama lapped it up. This was not some misguided youth flirting with radicalism. He was 30, and Harvard Law Review editor.

Bell's tirades against racism were really against classism. In 2007 he intimated to a Southern Illinois University professor that he saw "value in Marxist and other writings." Like Marx, he argued that capitalism creates a racially polarizing battle over property, and that the cure was wealth redistribution. To that end, Bell proposed an "equality" tax on business profits.

In 2002, he told C-SPAN that America is racist because it's "built on property." He complained that our free market "increasingly puts some people at the top of the economic scale and most of the rest of us at the bottom."

So here we have yet another anti-capital class warrior as role model for Obama.

Over his entire adult life, through his academic, legal and political careers, the president has lived in a theoretical bubble divorced from reality. His mind and psyche have been marinated in radical academic notions and conspiracy theories that insist upon hatred for capitalism and the American way of life.

Is it any wonder his agenda is so anti-American?

"Perhaps as president," Bell hoped in 2008, "Obama can take on the tough issue of the intentional harms our policies have done both here and abroad."

The student certainly has not disappointed his old professor.

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Re: Another Piece of Obama’s Radical Puzzle


By Humberto Fontova 3/9/2012

Obama & Rev. Wright by fourbyfourblazer

Obama's espiritual and political mentor, Rev. Wright, a rabid

racist and anti-american marxist says blacks should not sing

"God Bless America" but  "God  da..mn America."

“I have been affiliated with the Cuba Council of Churches since the1980s,” boasted Rev. Jeremiah Wright in  a sermon on July 16th 2006. “I   have  several close Cuban friends (italics added) who work with the Cuba  Council of Churches and you have heard me preach about our affiliation and the  Black Theology Project’s trips to Cuba. The Cuban Council of Churches has been a non-partisan global mission partner for decades. I have  worked with  them for two decades.”

“Non-partisan,” Reverend Wright? Not according to Cuban intelligence defector Juan Vives, who from hands-on  experience reports  that the Cuba Council of Churches is in fact an arm of Cuba's  ICAP  (Instituto Cubano de Amistad con los  Pueblos) itself an arm  of Cuba's  KGB-founded and mentored   DGI (Directorio General  de  Inteligencia.) The ICAP's long-time chieftan was Rene Cruz  Rodriguez, by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright's own admission perhaps one of  his “friends."

Rodriguez' meteoric rise through Cuba's Stalinist bureaucracy was facilitated by his diligence as an early executioner,  often beating out Che  Guevara and Raul Castro  themselves in his zeal to shatter the firing-squad victim's skull   with  a coup d' grace from his .45. (Here is some dramatic proof of Rene Cruz Rodriguez' zeal.  That's him on the right giving the firing squad their order of “FUEGO!”)

On November 5, 1982 a Dade County, Florida,  grand  jury  indicted Rene Rodriguez Cruz for smuggling drugs into  the U.S.

This murderer headed a  Cuban  agency that Jeremiah Wright “worked with for decades” by his own admission, and  whose staff he regards as “friends.” These “friends,” arranged the visit for the  Rev. Jesse Jackson's and his 300 person  entourage to Havana in 1984, which  included Rev.   Wright.

“Viva Fidel!” bellowed Reverend Jackson while concluding his speech at the University of  Havana during that  visit. “Viva Che Guevara! Long live our cry  of Freedom!”

“He (Jesse Jackson) is a great personality,” reciprocated a beaming Fidel Castro, “a brilliant man with a great  talent, capable of communicating with people, very persuasive, reliable, and  honest.  Jackson's main characteristic is honesty. He is sincere and there is not a  single bit of demagoguery in his conversations.”

As mentioned, this was  summer  of 1984, so at the time the world's longest-suffering black political prisoner suffered his incarceration and tortures in stoic  defiance. “Nigger!” taunted his jailers between tortures. “We pulled you down from the trees and cut off your  tail!”