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Miss Latina USA a Miss Universo

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acabo de enterarme de esto,lo sabian?




NEW YORK—May 14, 2013—Telemundo Media, the number one producer of Spanish-language primetime programming, announced today the addition of the MISS LATINA USA™ competition to the slate of new programming to be unveiled at its annual Upfront presentation being held today at New York’s Frederick P. Rose Hall, home of Jazz At Lincoln Center.

MISS LATINA USA™ is an exclusive new reality series where one talented, beautiful woman will compete to win the title of MISS LATINA USA™ and the once-in-a-lifetime chance to compete in the MISS UNIVERSE® pageant.

Multi-city auditions will be held to select contestants based on poise, physical attributes and personality. Once chosen, the competitors will move in to a luxurious mansion where they will ****** together and undergo training by a team of talented experts in fields such as modeling, acting, fashion, nutrition and beauty. Contestants will compete in weekly eliminations until the remaining finalists compete in the gala challenge for the title of MISS LATINA USA™ and a ticket to the MISS UNIVERSE® pageant.

The new series represents the first time in the history of the MISS UNIVERSE® pageant that a U.S. contestant other than MISS USA® will be awarded the opportunity to participate in the MISS UNIVERSE® competition.

“It’s always great to be in business with Donald J. Trump and the MISS UNIVERSE® organization,” said Emilio Romano, President of Telemundo Media. “We are proud to be the Spanish-language home of MISS UNIVERSE®, the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world, which recognizes the beauty and talent of women from all over the world, including the crowning of numerous Latina pageant winners.”

“The MISS UNIVERSE® Organization has enjoyed a terrific partnership with Telemundo,” said Donald J. Trump, who co-owns the MISS UNIVERSE® Organization with NBCUniversal.  “The MISS UNIVERSE® pageant consistently delivers the highest ratings in the coveted Hispanic market and the MISS LATINA USA™ series puts a completely new twist on the competition.  It will undoubtedly draw big numbers and we look forward to forging an even bigger relationship with Telemundo over the years to come.”

The MISS LATINA USA™ series will join Telemundo’s existing slate of programming dedicated to the prestigious competition that includes:

MISS UNIVERSE®: Camino a la Corona

Telemundo gives viewers the opportunity to get to know the Latinas through exclusive interviews and access as they prepare to compete for the MISS UNIVERSE® crown. This show features interviews with the Hispanic competitors, getting up-close-and-personal with an inside look at the life of a beauty contestant.

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Re: Miss Latina USA a Miss Universo

OMG! SERÁ VERDAD? Carita sorprendido
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Re: Miss Latina USA a Miss Universo

Nooo estoy de acuerdo...

Aunque con esto a ver si la lupe deja de ser tan conservadora y abre un NBMexicoUSA para NBM
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Re: Miss Latina USA a Miss Universo


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Re: Miss Latina USA a Miss Universo

Carita sorprendido
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Re: Miss Latina USA a Miss Universo

Algo había leído al respecto. Será interesante (si es real) ver un grupo de latinas en una competencia previa.

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Re: Miss Latina USA a Miss Universo

Bueno al parecer tendremos otro programa similar al de Nuestra Belleza Latina pero por telemundo...digo similar porque podrán competir chicas latinas, independientemente cuales sean sus raices, y también será un reality al igual tendran asesores en todos los niveles. Vamos a ver que pasa...

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Re: Miss Latina USA a Miss Universo

No no es justo, aunque pensandolo bien pues las chicas que viven en usa no son ni de aqui ni de alla.

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Re: Miss Latina USA a Miss Universo

pos bueno....ya que
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Re: Miss Latina USA a Miss Universo

y cómo dirían las bandas