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Re: ~ ι ғєєℓ ғσя yσυ wιιℓ ηєvєя cнαηgє {ρяιναtє.ғєя}


    it wasnt just a film about one person… it was a film that made you fall in love with the characters and the story line, it made you feel something for them. So when the end came it was as if you could get the slightest feeling of what it was like for all those people that lost someone… of course it comes NO where close to what they really felt, but it was a film with true emotion and true meaning. It shows that even if you didnt know anyone that was killed that day, everyone does have a heart of course you feel something, these are the things people should really care about… real life, you never know what will happen.
    RIP to every life lost that day 9/11
    they will never be forgotten.  

this movie made me remember people that died that day had stories, had lives and loved.

 i will always remember the ones that were lost that day and the ones they left behind.





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Re: ~ ι ғєєℓ ғσя yσυ wιιℓ ηєvєя cнαηgє {ρяιναtє.ғєя}

Rachel & Jesse




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Re: ~ ι ғєєℓ ғσя yσυ wιιℓ ηєvєя cнαηgє {ρяιναtє.ғєя}


+ St. Berry


Are you somewhere feeling lonely, or is someone loving you ? Tell me how to win your heart...

For I haven't got a clue But let me start by saying, I love you ... ~   Berry St. James 






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Re: ~ ι ғєєℓ ғσя yσυ wιιℓ ηєvєя cнαηgє {ρяιναtє.ғєя}

      My personality:

                * I’m loud.
                * I’m obnoxious.
                * I’m sarcastic.
                * I’m cocky.
                * I cry easily.
                * I have a bad temper.
                * For the most part I don’t like people.
                * I’m easy to get along with.
                * I have more enemies than friends.
                * I’ve smoked.
                * I’ve smoked weed.
                * I drink coffee.
                * I clean my room daily.

            My appearance:

                * I wear makeup.
                * I wear a piece of jewellery at all times.
                * I wear contacts.
                * I wear glasses.
                * I have braces.
                * I change my hair colour often
                * I straighten my hair often
                * I have a piercing
                * I have small feet


                * I’m in a relationship now.
                * I’m single.
                * I’m crushin’.
                * I’ve missed an ex before.
                * An ex has physically abused me at least once.
                * I’ve told someone I loved them when I didn’t.
                * I’ve told someone I didn’t love them when I did.
                * I’ve been in love more than two times.
                * I believe in love at first sight.
                * I believe lust is more important than love.


                * I have a best friend.
                * I have at least ten friends.
                * I’ve gotten a phone call in the last 48 hours from a friend.
                * I’ve beaten up a friend.
                * I’ve been in a serious fight with a friend.
                * I can trust at least five people with my life.


                * I’ve been on a plane.
                * I’ve been on a train
                * Someone close to me has died.
                * I’ve taken a taxi.
                * I’ve taken a city bus.
                * I’ve taken a school bus.
                * I’ve gone bungee jumping.
                * I’ve made a speech.
                * I’ve been in some sort of club.
                * I’ve won an award.
                * I’ve spent 24 hours on the computer straight.
                * I’ve been in a physical fight.


                * I listen to R&B.
                * I listen to country.
                * I listen to pop.
                * I listen to techno.
                * I listen to rock.
                * I’m one of those people who play songs repeatedly until I hate it.
                * I hate the radio.
                * I download music.
                * I buy CD’s.


                * I spend at least six hours a day watching television.
                * I watch soap operas daily.
                * I’m in love with Days Of Our Lives.
                * I’ve seen and liked the O.C.
                * I’ve seen and liked One Tree Hill.
                * I’ve seen and like Popular.
                * I’ve seen and like 24.
                * I’ve seen and liked CSI.
                * I’ve seen and like Everwood.

            Family Life:

                * I get along with both of my parents.
                * My biological parents are still together.
                * I have at least one brother.
                * I have at least one sister.
                * I have at least one step brother/sister.
                * I have at least one half brother/sister.
                * I’ve been kicked out of the house.
                * I’ve ran away from my home.


                * I’ve been brown.
                * I’ve had streaks.
                * I’ve cut my hair in the past year.
                * I’ve dyed my hair in the past year.
                * I’ve been blonde.
                * I’ve had black.
                * I’ve been red.
                * I’ve been light brown.
                * I’ve been medium brown.
                * I’ve been blue/green.
                * I’ve had my hair thinned.
                * I use conditioner.
                * I’ve used silk therapy.
                * I’ve used hot oil treatments.
                * I’ve curled my hair.
                * I’ve straightened my hair.
                * I’ve braided my hair.


                * I’ve yelled at a teacher.
                * I’ve been suspended.
                * I’ve had an in-school suspension.
                * I’ve been sent to the principal’s office.
                * I’ve walked out of class.
                * I’ve skipped an entire day of school.
                * I’ve skipped a whole month of one certain class.
                * I’ve failed Art.
                * I’ve failed P.E.
                * I’ve failed math.
                * I’ve failed science.
                * I’ve failed another class.
                * A teacher has called my parents.





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Re: ~ ι ғєєℓ ғσя yσυ wιιℓ ηєvєя cнαηgє {ρяιναtє.ғєя}

 + Robsten



I can see it in your eyes, I can see it in your smile,   You're all I've ever wanted ...  ~ ~ roвѕтen







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Re: ~ ι ғєєℓ ғσя yσυ wιιℓ ηєvєя cнαηgє {ρяιναtє.ғєя}

+ Kristen Jaymes Stewart



_______________________________________is imperfectly perfect ~ Kristen Jaymes Stewart






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Re: ~ ι ғєєℓ ғσя yσυ wιιℓ ηєvєя cнαηgє {ρяιναtє.ғєя}

+ Lady Rara (amigo de la onza)





mi amor lesbi le pertenece a otra persona ... y no es esta vieja! ¬¬' ... anyway mi diabla me regalo
esto porque dice que me quiere u.u .... ya veras como te ira vanessa! (66) ... *rolleyes*





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Re: ~ ι ғєєℓ ғσя yσυ wιιℓ ηєvєя cнαηgє {ρяιναtє.ғєя}

+ Awards Robert


~ I Love Barbuland ~

< Gracias x esto barbus! ... saben ya que las amo, no? a unas mas q otras, pero *rolleyes* ... >








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Re: ~ ι ғєєℓ ғσя yσυ wιιℓ ηєvєя cнαηgє {ρяιναtє.ғєя}

[ Editado ]

100 reasons to love Kristen Stewart.

    (some points r really silly, but I think the idea is nice)


    1. Her green eyes.
    2. Her sexy butt.
    3. The way she shows her middle finger.
    4. She swears like a sailor.
    5. She does’t care what people think about her.
    6. She is a rebel.
    7. She can wear designer clothes for 4500 U.S. $.
    8. She can sing and play guitar.
    9. Rob adores her.
    10. She is sweet.
    11.She is sassy.
    12. It is a good friend
    13. She can dress in stylee of 70’s and look elegant.
    14. She can bake an apple pie.
    15. She’s a perfect Bella.
    16. Her dimples.
    17. She is embarrassed in public.
    18. Flawless skin.
    19. Long legs.
    20. Her hand fits perfectly to Rob’s hand.
    21. She drives MiniCooper.
    22. She is not afraid to say what she thinks.
    23. She is friendly with her fans.
    24. No one can wear baggy clothes the way she can.
    25. Her mother is amazing.
    26. She is a smart.
    27. She is an ardent.
    28. She can drop her award in front of millions, and still look charming.
    29. She can laugh at herself.
    30. She catches the eye.
    31. She is beautifu.
    32. She loves Rob’s.
    33. She’s convincing.
    34. No one ties a knot on T-shirts the way she does.  
    35. Only Kristen can exchange designer clothes for rock stylee clothes.
    36. She wears driving caps.
    37. She is confident.
    38. She’s bold.
    39. She is strong.
    40. She likes to read classic literature.
    41. It is not a diva.
    42. She is sexy.
    43. She is brave.
    44. She is delightful.
    45. She does what she want’s.
    46. She can look as great as Rob.
    47. She can escape from paparazzi.
    48. It is impossible to find her.
    49. She’s straight.
    50. She is shy.
    51. She’s reapectable.
    52. She loves animals.
    53. She’s his best friend.
    54. It can knit cap.
    55. She wears two watches at once.
    56. She is thoughtful.
    57. She wears amazing shoes.
    58. She can dye her hair in any color.
    59. She  positively influences Rob.
    60. She bites his nails.
    61. She still lives with his parents, though she has her own house.
    62. She is proud of her Australian roots.
    63. She has beautiful breasts, which is ideal for decollete dresses.
    64. She teases.
    65. She wants Chris Weitz to filme Dawn.
    66. Her bitchface.
    67. She can easily wear huge heels and small dress.
    68. She loves her family.
    69. She protects her private life.
    70. She doesn’t make crappy movies.
    71. She has a wolf.
    72. She has unusual cat.
    73. She hates exercises, but still her body is gorgeous.
    74. She can’t take her eyes of Rob.
    75.She can imitate the way Rob toches his hair.
    76. She was wearing a dress with bullets.
    77. She’s a Brunette.
    78. She can dance on a pole.
    79. She joined the “Brit Pack”.
    80. She can walk a 10-centimeter-high heels.
    81. She can wear the shirt for $ 2.
    82. It makes Rob a happy.
    83. She does not fit the image of “Young Hollywood”.
    84. She doesn’t pay attention to the rumors about her.
    85. Her charming ears.
    86. She may be out of the country for several days, and nobody would know about it.
    87. She buys old clothes in stores.
    88. She said Rob had to be Edward.
    89. She picks her teeth on a TV show.
    90. Her smile.
    91. Her shy laugh when she’s confused.
    92. She admits that she loves Disney movies.
    93. She gives everything for work, even when it comes to cutting her hair.
    94. Her voice - when she sings and speaks.
    95. Her bizarre behavior during an interview.
    96. She buys books on sale.
    97. Rob auditioned for the role because of her.
    98. She chose the hottest guy in the universe, who makes you the shiver from desire.
    99. She has a sense of humor.
    100. She can not hide her love.




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Re: ~ ι ғєєℓ ғσя yσυ wιιℓ ηєvєя cнαηgє {ρяιναtє.ғєя}

+ Hot&Sexy Stewart


~ I always said I'm not ashamed of anything I say because I'm always being honest   (...)

 (...) even though you can definitely wrong ...  ~ Kristen Wonderful Woman Stewart