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ARTUR DAVIS : A once proud Democrat becomes a Republican.

ARTUR DAVIS : A once proud Democrat becomes a Republican.

 'Democratic Label No Longer Matches What I Know About My Country'  

Michael Warren

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Video: Romney's Qualifications, Business Experience Lauded by...Bill Clinton

By Guy Benson 6/1/2012


Just when you thought yesterday couldn't have gotten any worse for the Obama campaign, a certain former president appeared on CNN and asserted that Mitt Romney is qualified to be president, thanks to his leadership as governor and "sterling" career in the private sector:



This could deliver something of a coup de grace to the Obama campaign's all-Bain-all-the-time attack strategy.  President Obama stated that this campaign will "be about" Romney's "vampire capitalism."  Bill Clinton, Deval Patrick, and at least a dozen other Democrats have dissented from that view. Publicly. And we're still awaiting an explanation for why a handful of companies failing after Romney left Bain = greedy and evil, whereas Solyndra and other taxpayer-financed benefactors of cronyism shutting down = honest mistakes.  Enlighten us, liberals.  Oh, and by the way, Romney has jumped ahead in Ohio, Virginia, Florida and North Carolina.

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Re: ARTUR DAVIS : A once proud Democrat becomes a Republican

Will Holder argue the 10th Amendment is unconstitutional to help Obama’s voter fraud scheme?

coachisright.com ^ | June 4, 2012 | Kevin “Coach” Collins



The Department of Justice thinks it can “order” Florida to stop removing illegal non citizens from her voter registration rolls. The Sunshine State announced it will ignore the “order.” Let’s see Barack Obama and Eric Holder back it up.

The fight over States’ rights versus the strength of an all powerful central government has been set in motion: the fuse is lit.

Since Barack Obama and his Chicago thugs forced bribed and tricked Obamacare into “law” real America has been on a collision course with him.

This latest attack on our freedoms will likely only be settled by a courtroom showdown centering on whether the 10th Amendment to our Constitution has any meaning.

This powerful 28 word Amendment is the enduring gift James Madison left us to balance the voracious appetite for power he recognized central governments always have.

It says: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” It is a clear and potent weapon for justice against Obama’s fraudulent charge.

By bringing its attack on Florida the Department of Justice (DoJ) is virtually acknowledging the Democrat Party’s reliance on voter fraud to win close elections. DoJ statements on the matter acknowledge it centers on noncitizen “voting rights.”

So far Florida has removed 2700 noncitizens from her voter rolls, and reportedly has another 182,000 on her “must purge” list.

“Obama Administration using a section of the 1965 Voting Rights Act (1965 VRA) to single out five counties in Florida for scrutiny over their voter registration procedures.

DoJ wants to scare unenthusiastic minorities into voting by erecting a straw man for their hero Barack Obama to “defeat.” … 10th Amendment challenge..

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Re: ARTUR DAVIS : A once proud Democrat becomes a Republican

Dobson to prez: I won't bow to 'wicked' Obamacare

'So come and get me if you must'

WND 6/4/2012

Dr. James Dobson is taking a defiant stand on Obamacare and issuing a loud and clear message to President Obama: “I WILL NOT pay the surcharge for abortion services. … So come and get me if you must, Mr. President. I will not bow before your wicked regulation.”

The evangelical Christian author and founder of Focus on the Family minced no words when he accused Obama of deceiving the American public in his exclusive WND column, “The president’s Obamacare lies.”

Dobson notes that the president issued the following statement on the night of Sept. 9, 2009, when he gave an address to a joint session of Congress in an effort push members of the House and Senate to pass his health-care bill:

“And one more misunderstanding I want to clear up – under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place.”

However, he said, “The speech was filled with promises and assurances that have proved to be shockingly false, and the president’s premise was based on deception.”

In numerous speeches,  Obama assured his pro-choice constituency that coverage for abortion would be “job one” within his health-care plan, he noted.

“I knew from deep within my soul that the president was not being truthful about this matter of life and death,” Dobson recalled, noting that Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., was so outraged by what he was hearing that he blurted out, “You lie!”

By March 2010, the Obama administration had officially approved the first instance of taxpayer-funded abortions under Obamacare – giving Pennsylvania $160 million to set up a new “high-risk” insurance program under a provision of the legislation in preparation for a $5 billion national roll-out.

“The Big Promise of Sept. 9 had already been abandoned,” Dobson lamented.

He also observed that Obama fought language in the legislation that would prohibit federal subsidies for abortion: “This was his plan all along, and pro-life advocates were kept in the dark.”

Earlier this year, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sibelius announced an expansion of Section 1303 of the Obamacare law requiring millions of Americans to pay a minimum surcharge for abortion services. The amount to be remitted will be a minimum of $12 per year, but could be much more.

“When an insurance company provides coverage for abortion, it MUST charge all employees an amount sufficient to cover the costs of abortion services, even by those who are horrified at the thought,” Dobson explained. “No one can opt out of the provision. That is now written into the law.”

Furthermore, the Department of Health and Human Services has announced that businesses and non-profit organizations – including churches and Christian colleges and universities – must provide free contraceptives and abortion pills with health insurance.

“When Catholic and evangelical church leaders objected strenuously to this assault on religious liberty, the president simply announced an ‘accommodation,’ requiring insurance companies to pay for the contraceptives,” Dobson explained. “Of course, they will pass the expense along to their customers, and employees will all be in the abortion business.”

He said President Obama never intended to protect the conscience clause and even canceled President Bush’s executive order guaranteeing doctors, nurses and health professionals would not be forced to act against their beliefs.

“Abortion is an integral part of Obamacare, and babies will die because of it,” Dobson wrote in his column. “Citizens never had an opportunity to be heard on the matter. The abortion component of the health-care bill will go into effect in January 2013. After that date, you could be forced unwittingly to support the killing of babies.”

But Dobson vowed to take a stand against Obama’s “wicked” surcharge, come what may:

I want to be very careful regarding what I am about to write now. It will not be said flippantly or with malice, but it will reflect the passion of my heart.

I believe in the rule of law, and it has been my practice since I was in college to respect and honor those in authority over us. It is my desire to do so now. However, this assault on the sanctity of human life takes me where I cannot go. I WILL NOT pay the surcharge for abortion services. The amount of the surcharge is irrelevant. To pay one cent for the killing of babies is egregious to me, and I will do all I can to correct a government that lies to me about its intentions and then tries to coerce my acquiescence with extortion. It would be a violation of my most deeply held convictions to disobey what I consider to be the principles in Scripture.

The Creator will not hold us guiltless if we turn a deaf ear to the cries of His innocent babies. So come and get me if you must, Mr. President. I will not bow before your wicked regulation.

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Re: ARTUR DAVIS : A once proud Democrat becomes a Republican

How did Scott Walker win so big and what's next?



IBD 6/6/2012




"Win" is too small a word for what Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker pulled off Tuesday. So, probably, is victory.

In a referendum on the first half of his first term, the Republican became the first governor in U.S. history to defeat an attempt to oust him from office. The other two recall efforts -- against California's Gray Davis in 2003 and North Dakota's Lynn Frazier in 1921 --were successful.

Exit polls discovered a significant number of Wisconsin voters bothered by the union-led recall bid for something short of improper conduct. While others were impressed by Walker's budget surplus and billion dollar in state savings already. And Walker's national party reputation wasn't hurt either.

With 99% of the votes counted, Walker received 53% (1,326,658) to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett's 46% (1,150,233) and 1% for a third candidate.

But those numbers understate Walker's success. He took 60 of the state's 72 counties and beat Barrett by two more points than he did in 2010. Walker's lieutenant governor, Rebecca Kleefisch, also defeated a recall bid.

As might be expected, 94% of Republicans and 93% of Tea Party supporters went for Walker. Barrett took 91% of Democrats and 86% of liberals. Walker, however, captured 54% of the crucial independent vote to Barrett's 45%.

Surprisingly, less than three-of-four union members (71%) voted for Barrett and union household members went for the Democrat by only 62%.

Walker immediately called for a bipartisan picnic confab next week to begin healing the wounds over brats and beer. Democrats concurred.

The long-running heartland political struggle convulsed the nation's former capital of cheese for 16 months, as unions reacted to the joint effort by the budget-balancing Walker and the Republican legislature to curb members' pay and benefits that have state workers better remunerated than the p[people paying their salaries. They still are, though slightly less.

Until recent days the public unions, which poured millions of dollars and hundreds of volunteers into the state, had portrayed the contest as a must-win in order to halt the erosion of unions rights, such as government collection of dues, by other states, 29 of which are run by Republicans. Chances are Walker's success will embolden other state leaders to make similar tough decisions incrementally.

The GOP and related groups too poured in vast resources--millions of dollars and thousands of volunteers. But despite Tuesday's big victory, Wisconsin really is not in play come November. The state hasn't gone Republican since Ronald Reagan and Mitt Romney could better invest more effort in the far more important state of Ohio.

While making support clear, the individual presidential candidates, however, kept their distance for fear of alienating voters for their main event come Nov. 6. In a statement, Romney said, "Gov. Walker has demonstrated over the past year what sound fiscal policies can do to turn an economy around, and I believe that in November voters across the country will demonstrate that they want the same in Washington, D.C."

Sarah Palin chimed in with, "Congratulations to the people of Wisconsin for standing by strong leaders who made tough decisions in dire circumstances that have begun to turn their great state back to prosperity. Leadership is doing what is right, not what is popular."

The Democratic National Committee sent in about $1 million and ex-President Clinton. Pres. Obama's mind is focused on a different priority than trivial union causes like Wisconsin. He himself donated nothing to the recall effort save for a supportive last minute tweet. Gee, thanks, sir, for all 140 of those thumb moves.

Last Friday when Obama found time for six fundraisers in Minnesota and Illinois, he flew directly over Wisconsin but did not stop or even phone down words of support.

It was a careful move. His campaign stops have proven useless for a string of high-profile Democrats since 2009. (Can you say Jon Corzine, Arlen Specter and Martha Coakley?) And with his job approval hovering a few points below 50%, Obama doesn't need any more embarrassments. Not after his unbelievably awful seven days last week, detailed here.

Monday the president flew to New York City for three more fundraisers. Tuesday Michelle Obama made another withdrawal from New York.

Today Obama takes Air Force One back out to his favorite Western ATM, the state of California. He'll do two fundraisers in San Francisco, then two more in LA. Thursday, it's on to Las Vegas, of course, a city he so famously said taxpayer money should never be spent in.

Watch for many major media this morning to report optimistically for Obama on Wisconsin exit poll results showing a 54% to 42% lead for the Democrat over Romney at this moment, 154 days before the real polling.

These are the same respondents who lied to exit pollers Tuesday about supporting Barrett, making the race seem too close to call for hours. As a result, cautious networks delayed projecting Walker the winner until his growing lead in the actual statewide count could no longer be ignored.